Ye Olde #Hearthstone Tavern and Inn #YOHTAI Issue No. 3

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Hearthstone Rankings

Some of you are rocking the deck. Some not so much. For the later, we know how you got the trouble on your mind. This song is for you…



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Welcome (and welcome back) to Ye Olde Hearthstone Tavern and Inn. Our friend’s lists are growing, our kung fu getting funky and our murloc sammiches be mighty.

We’re a community that’s about Hearthstone. Hearthstone is an Online Collectible Card Game (CCG) that is easy to learn, yet challenging to master.

If you haven’t been here before, check out the previous issues of YOHTAI.

Issue No. 1

Issue No. 2

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Hearthstone News


Ranked Play Season 2: The Black Temple 

Season 2 is coming to a close and the black temple card back will soon be ours. But is that all we get for all the game, shame and grief? Really?! How about some of that shiny, happy sin’dorei glory? Or is that another thing you can do in Colorado but no where else?

Ok, let’s assume the seasonal card back is some kind of lower hanging fruit for lesser murlocs. But why can’t we mix and match the card backs.  That is something we can’t do. Yet.

Black Temple Hearthstone Cardback Faryna


2014 Hearthstone World Championship

$250,000 in prizes for the epic plays! Do you have a shot at a cash prize? Be a top 16 Legend player. Seriously? Seriously!

The official competition rules are here.


Hearthstone Poster Contest

The Hearthstone Poster Contest is almost over. Vote for your favorite on Facebook at May 29, 2014. Yeah it seems kind of stupid that an iPad promotional event (vote) is only being hosted on Facebook. But we all know how it is – once you work for corporate, you lose 5 points of practical intelligence off the bat. Sometimes, more.

Here’s an interesting submission by Kris Cooper. Cooper’s artwork has a lot of potential to be used in future Hearthstone content.

What you think?

Kris Cooper Hearthstone Poster


Hearthstone Cheats


Same four cards! Some of us have seen it done with our own eyes. We don’t want to report. But we do want to know where you get that hack! [laughing]

So what does Aldor Peacekeeper know, right? Follow the rules!?

Tip No. 69

Using up all your mana in a round is not an indicator that you are winning.

Don’t play cards just because you got mana to burn. There’s cards you need to hang on to for a tight, upcoming situation. Play a card because you can make it work for you. Duh!

Say Something


Canned Comments

The canned comments that can be exchanged in a match are lackluster.

Here’s some comments we’d like to see added to the menu.

1. I’m unstoppable except when my hand sucks.
2. I play nekkid. You?
3. YES. I will accept your surrender, general.
4. Are you eating again?! Make your move or pass, thank you.
5. Are you peeing again?! Make your move or pass, thank you.
6. Could you turn off the frelling tv and finish up this match.
7. I admire your keen skill and undeniable charms .
What comments would you you like to see added to the communication menu?

Thank you

Say anything. Share anything. Almost anything – let’s not go XXX, ok. [grin]

Open Pack Hearthstone Faryna 4


Drink with me, friend. Share with us. Words, dreams, fantasies or art. Send it to me (Stan) at

Job’s done!

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  1. Stan, are you sure the same-four cards isn’t Faceless Manipulator, Thoughtsteal, or something of the sort. There are lots of ways to increase the value or cards, especially minions.. For example, Rogues are notorious for running Shadowstep and Brewmasters to cycle minions with Battlecry. This is painful with things like the Defias Ringleader, Agent, or any card that has a built-in combo mechanic, puts damage out right away, or summons additional minions.

    Reddit acknowledges the “four of a kind” phenomenom. Be aware that there are cards that produce cards too. Antonidas and Ysera come to mind. It can be game-breaking for sure because some cards only exist because there is the hard two-card limit in play.

    I think in future episodes we should tackle the current meta and do our own power rankings. There’s a show called Value Town that looks at the utility of each card and deck versus it’s cost, but they tend to focus more on top-tier play or speak from a perspective that is not approachable since, well, they’re all top-tier players. It’s always interesting to me when we see budget or “free to play” decks but those are usually misleading.

    What I most enjoy myself is forging scrap decks. Basically, I just work with what I have and try to break the meta a bit. I believe wholeheartedly in supporting the developers by spending money in the game but I don’t think it’s necessary unless you need bad-ass cards to offset weak skills. I feel that if you take your lumps and work hard with considerably weaker cards, you’ll be a better player for it, whereas I’ve seen people running netdecks and sucking it up, regardless of how many legendaries they have.

    I just scored my first legendary from a lucky pull: Leeeeerooooy Jeeeenkins! He’s not an auto-add by any means since he sucks against decks running heavy swarm and taunt strategies… but it definitely opens up options and now I find myself revisiting the Warrior, Paladin, and Shaman. Things are looking up!

    So, yeah, back to power rankings.. We need the community to give more feedback there. Some polls and VM call-to-action boxes. I’d love to see what newer and more casual players feel versus mid-range and top-tier/hardcore players. The opinions vary so much but, interestingly enough, it always comes back to variance… 8)

    • The good news is that within a few days after the publishing of YOHTAI Issue No. 3, the four card cheat was nowhere to be seen.
      Stan Faryna recently posted…Can we be true?My Profile

      • Maybe they are really paying attention to us more now. I recall us being featured in one of the community round-ups but it’s shocking how little Blizzard recognizes podcasts right now when they are still growing in popularity. Our friends at A Worthy Opponent had to point this out to them in the forums before they got proper recognition. Shame. I like Blizzard.. But, like most megacorporations, they’re stuck in archaic ways. =oP
        Yogizilla recently posted…The HONEST Way To Succeed In Twitch.. And Social MediaMy Profile

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    • I just confirmed this with our tech guy and our affiliate number is “3”. Be sure to follow it up with a flipped bird. Such hard execution.

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