E3 2016 Schedule, Previews & State Of The Video Game Industry

All right, all right, all right! We’re right in the thick of E3 and we figured now is as good a time as any to go deeper on what we can expect this year, not just for the expo but for the gaming industry as a whole.  Of course, there’s only so much you can […]

Vince Martin Septic Tank Service | Eatonton, Gray, Milledgeville & Middle Georgia |

7 Nifty Things About Septic Systems & Garbage Disposal

Here at GeekyAntics, we like to cover all the things we geeks think about or at least should be aware of. It’s usually fun or useful stuff. Today’s featured article is in the latter camp, thanks to our ongoing collaboration with Martin Septic Service of Georgia. Enjoy! Now, you may be reading this thinking, “But, […]

Fanny Pack / Bug-Out Bag

Every Day Carry: What’s In Your Bug-Out Bag?

By Rachel Drummond If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you may have seen the reports of major bushfires in Victoria. While this is nothing new, it made me think of something that preppers are known for. The Bug Out Bag. It’s that bag that we who believe in preparedness are mocked for by […]

Super cute kitten is laying down, ready to play and/or be rubbed!

Happy New Year 2016: It’s A Time Of Possibilities, Hope, And Joy

Hey, it’s 2016 – Happy New Year, friends, family, and furry forest dwellers! Today we have a simple message of hope that we hope will inspire our GANG collaborators, friends, and anyone who may happen to come across this article.  We’ll try to keep it short since we know, by the time this goes out, […]

Kitty snuggles up with bunny toy.

Cats Vs. Dogs – Why Cats Are Awesome Yet Often Misunderstood – PLUS A Poll!

I love all animals but it’s no secret that I have a soft spot for cats.  Here is a brief love letter to cats, the under-appreciated stars of social media and homes around the world.  Don’t forget to take the polls! Why do we love cats so much?  Maybe it’s the fact that they are […]


Join Us To Celebrate Over 2 Years Of Geeky Antics & 100 Episodes!

Gang, we made it! Over two years of Geeky Antics and 100 episodes of HorsePLAY! LIVE.  We could not have done it without you, our fellow geeks!  All the love, encouragement, donations, shout-outs, recommendations, referrals..  EVERYTHING helps us help others in their pursuits of passion, creativity, and geekdom.  Thank you! NEW!  Text and call us […]

#SaveOrShave ObioneX2's Beard #Movember2015 #TheGANG

Save Or Shave The Beard? #SaveOrShave #SaveObiBeard #ShaveObiBeard

To shave the beard or to save the beard? THAT is the question. Hey everyone ObioneX2 back again!  It’s here..  It’s time to decide my fate: save or shave The Beard. The Beard means alot to me and really want to keep it but my wife, Fefela, really wants it gone.  What do you guys […]

Anime HalloweenTease

We Need YOU! Another 48-Hour Live Stream #TheGANG #Anime #Halloween #Cosplay #SupportSmallerStreams

Hey GANG, Obi “The Beard” here! It’s 48-hour live stream time guys.  Well, it will be soon enough.  Our last over 60-hour stream marathon was a huge hit and we want to do more fun events like this..  Of course, we need your help! Our very first GeekyAntics stream marathon lasted almost 72 hours – […]

Doctor Who Dark Journey HD Wallpaper - 1920x1280 - Art By SJA 2015

#TWTT | #DoctorWho Dark Journey Series 2 Episode 6 “Lost Souls” WORLD PREMIERE!

It’s finally here – the latest episode of Doctor Who Dark Journey Series 2 (and TWTT)! Greetings Geeksters, Tangent Seekers, Whovians, geeks, nerds, and everyone in between.  We have a real treat for you today.  Pardon me while I rant a bit… Episode 6, “Lost Souls”, is the end of the story thus far and […]


“Caretakers” – Who Will Watch Over Us?

They watch over us as we grow Providing love and kindness in a harsh world Under their protection we learn How the world works How we work in the world Then time passes and the roles may shift Providing love and kindness in a harsh world Under their protection we learn How the world works […]


DadsOfDestiny Cystic Fibrosis Charity Stream – In Memory Of Josh Stokell

One of the greatest tragedies of the human condition is that great people are only remembered when they pass away.  Look back to any of the greatest artists, inventors, humanitarians, etc.  They were all celebrated well after their death, not during their life.  The recently departed Josh Stokell seems to be an exception to this […]

Sylvanas The Banshee Queen

HeroesOfTheStormBuildGuide PRESENTS HotS As A League Of Legends Player

My Personal Thoughts on Heroes of the Storm as an Avid LoL Gamer Guest Post By TheShadeBlade Presented By I’m known as TheShadeBlade in Heroes of the Storm and Katrian in League of Legends. Currently, I am ranked Platinum and ended last season as Platinum 1 after being dropped out of Diamond for inactivity […]

AM Audio Media | Doctor Who Dark Journey Radio Drama |

AM Audio Media Interviews With Rikki Wright & Andrew Chalmers!

It’s finally here – the AM Audio Media interview with Rikki Wright and Andrew Chalmers! If you’re not familiar with the fine folks behind the Doctor Who Dark Journey radio drama, check out the embedded #TWTT video or podcast below.  You can also visit the official AM Audio Media web site, home to delicious Doctor […]

Sylvanas Windrunner / Banshee Queen is bae!

Heroes Of The Storm Open Beta Patch Preview & Upcoming Changes

Breaking news, fellow Blizzard fanboys! Blizzard has been pretty tight-lipped about the specifics of the upcoming Heroes Of The Storm patch so we’ve put together a report based upon what they have told us and what makes sense given the upcoming open beta and full release dates (May 19th 2015 and June 2nd 2015, respectively).  […]

World of Warcraft (WoW) Ogre Pinata / Piñata

Happy Cinco De Mayo – Celebrate Blizzard & Gaming With Us!

YAYAYAY – Happy Cinco De Mayo! *takes a shot* Tonight, May 5th 2015, we’ll be drinking, probably drunk-streaming, and counting down to the Heroes Of The Storm open beta on May 19th.  We’re counting down to the big Heroes Of The Storm full launch on June 2nd 2015, too.  Lots of Blizzard fanboy status going […]

Black Jester, story by Lord_Rakdos a.k.a. Andrew Murray. Art is not the property of GeekyAntics network or author.

“Black Jester”, A Poem For Kind People In An Unkind World

I tell jokes to hide a sad soul I laugh to hide a crying child I listen so no one else is alone I wear bright colors to distract from red-rimmed eyes I am kind because I don’t want others to suffer I teach so others may learn from my mistakes I lie so no […]

Heroes Of The Storm - Release Date June 2nd 2015 - Blizzard HotS Action PvP ARTS MOBA

Prepare For The Heroes Of The Storm Full Release!

Blizzard teased a huge announcement a few weeks ago.  Everyone thought it was details about the next hero, battleground/map, or open beta but it turned out to be the release date for Heroes Of The Storm.  Yes, it’s official: Heroes Of The Storm goes public Tuesday, June 2nd 2015! Blizzard reminds us, “You are not […]

Heroes Of The Storm - Official Splash Screen & Logo - Copyright Blizzard

How To Win On Heroes Of The Storm When You’re A Scrub Like Me!

Heroes Of The Storm has been in closed beta since around January 13th but, since people can easily score beta keys or buy in (not sure on the latter since the Founder’s Pack was removed), now is the time when the more toxic players and feeders come into the fray.  I have decided we NEED […]