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It’s finally here – the official Geeky Antics stream team!  Wanna join?  Tweet or DM @Yogizilla with your channel deets.  Part of the perks will be shout-outs and hosted streams!

On this page, we will show some love to our favorite gamers who stream..  and some that do non-live videos.  This is also where we’ll show off our super-duper-awesome stream team and the things we look for in our affiliate streamers.  For example, there’s Nika Harper…  (BTW, she is not a member of the GANG..  Yet.)

Nika Harper a.k.a. Nikasaur, Formerly Of Riot Games / League Of Legends Fame, Is An Awesome Gamer Geek & Creatvive Writer

If your name is Nika Harper, you are automatically in the GANG.. The same applies if your name is Wil Wheaton or Felicia Day.


Who/What Do We Look For?

Whether you are looking to join our stream team on a more casual basis or contribute with a weekly or even monthly show, we don’t have any silly minimum requirements in terms of size of audience, average viewership, or whether you are a Twitch partner.  Here at GANG the most important thing to us is personality fit.  Basically, we’re looking for more Nika Harpers:

  • Energetic, if not eccentric
  • Team-spirited, supportive, and encouraging
  • Creative or at least appreciative of the creative process
  • Willing to learn and try new things
  • A true gamer (i.e. you’re not just here to make easy money)
  • Motivated and consistently contributing to the cause
  • Outgoing or at least not a total anti-social bastard

It should go without saying that you can’t be part of another team page on Twitch as that may create a conflict of interest (for them, not us).  Other than that, we’re just looking for people that can keep the GANG spirit going strong.  Crabbypants, lazy bums, and selfish Sally’s need not apply.  We’re looking for people that will represent the Geeky Antics brand in a positive way..  And there’s enough toxicity in the gaming community.


Living The Dream

Like all our initiatives,  the stream team shall be a catalyst for collaboration and mutual support.  Few streamers can build an audience alone (but they’ll try anyway), especially without proper social media strategy and support.  Even fewer can stream full-time and make a living.

That’s why we are assembling this stream team – so we can all live the dream

Our experience is that streamers tend to focus on the tools, games,  and technical aspects of their stream but they forget about the people, marketing, and social media.  As a team, we can help each other fill in the gaps and strengthen each other so streaming can be more fun and less of a grind.

The stream team’s mission and function will be to…

  • Host other stream team members when you finished your streams – keep your audience engaged and help others out!
  • Do simulcasts and multi-streams to share our audiences and reach more people at different times.
  • Help us promote our stream team members and Geeky Antics content, inlcuding official podcasts and “pseudo shows”.
  • Exchange services and best practices such as custom overlays, chibis, logos, watermarks, etc.
  • Identify dedicated Twitch marketing channels such as Share Your Stream, Twitch Retweet, and directories/listing sites.
  • Coordinate duo and multi-streams and simulcasts to reach more people and cross-promote streamers/channels.
  • Join us or be featured on our podcasts, which are streamed live or pre-recorded in video or audio-only formats.
  • Contribute to the Geeky Antics Twitch channel regularly, ideally once or twice a week.
  • Gather for Skype brainstorming sessions and webinars where we can share social media strategies, event details, and special promotions.
  • Demonstrate and establish methods for creating buzz, growing audiences, and building brands off-stream.
  • Research, test, and integrate third-party tools for enhancing the Twitch streaming experience (music playlists, virtual economies, image slideshows, chat integration, etc).
  • Identify and support the best Twitch freelancers and consultants for marketing, graphic design, charity events, etc.
  • Run group charity and fundraising events to help good causes and help turn hobbies into sustainable income streams (or “jobs”, if you prefer).

…And now for some of the people that will make the dream possible!


Geeky Antics Stream Team

  • Morganafreya – Few streamers understand the real-world and social media like Morgana does.  She’s a mommy streamer with two feet on the ground and her head in the clouds at the same time; that is, she’s super approachable and realistic yet she dreams big.  We love Morg because she is a generous, compassionate soul and is super fun to hang out with.  She gets what we’re trying to do here with #TheGANG.  We heart you!
  • Cupcakeeenvy – Christine is a rapidly growing Destiny streamer who now streams on XBox One (and still on that other console).  It’s been amazeballs watching her grow.  Her channel features heists that actually work (sorry GTA) and tons of interactive features, both automated and not.  Great community with almost 24/7 activity across social media.  Christine has been super-duper generous and supportive of what we’re doing.  Lots of love, yo!
  • RenayeBonesGames: League Of Legends, Heroes Of The Storm, Destiny, Call Of Duty, and MORE! – Features: It’s our old friend PrincessKitty – best feature EVER! – Notes: Kitty/Renaye is warm, friendly, and just an all-around awesome person.  Sometimes she can surprise you with her snappy sarcasm, too!  Renaye is just starting out with her streaming so please show your love and support!
  • TheWorstRadioShowGames: Mortal Kombat X, Destiny, Diablo 3, Heroes Of The Storm, and New Releases – Features: Podcasts, Giveaways, Brocasts, Musical Guests, Original Musical Themes, Professional Graphics – Notes: Kevin, Andy, Robbie, and the gang stream to the channel along with random guests.  These guys may be THE worst radio show but they are awesome people and have some of the coolest friends.  You never know what to expect from these guys.
  • GoaliemanftwGames: WoW, Warcrack, & World Of Warcraft – Features: Song Requests, Walkthroughs, Viewer Games, Shenanigans, Family Reunions – Notes: One of the special things about Goalie’s channel is that it goes from family-friendly to NSFW out of nowhere.  It’s also fun seeing his family involved with the stream.  It’s a great experience that almost makes me (Yogi) want to play WoW!
  • CupcakeNomsGames: League Of Legends, The Sims, Minecraft, Etc. – Features: Singing, Song Requests, Cheerful, Bold, Colorful, Super Friendly, Viewer Games – Notes: Veronica is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly toxic community (sad, but true).  She dedicates songs to her listeners and keeps the tone positive and upbeat.  Few streamers have her level of energy and authenticity.
  • Mudd721Currently M.I.A. (We hope you’re okay, Mudd!)
  • JanelNo5 –  Games: League Of Legends, Arma 3, Smite, Etc. – Features: Cosplay, Song Requests, Stylish, Bold, Colorful, Drunk Stream, Cray Cray, Viewer Games – Notes: Janel gets a very interesting crowd in her chat.  Sometimes, it’s really laid-back and everyone is having a grand ‘ol time.  Other times, you get grumpy people that flame others randomly.  Anything can happen on this fun channel.  It’s CRAY-CRAY!
  • xx_porkchopxx –  Games: PS4 Games (Mainly Sports) – Features: Latin Flavor & Sazon, Mad Skills – Notes: Porkchop gives people “the business” as he plays NBA, FIFA, and other games.  He is also the reason Obi left #TeamXBox and wants a PS4..  Darn you, Porkchop!
  • BFT9000 –  Games: New Releases & Console Games – Features: Walkthroughs, Tips, First Impressions, Interactive – Notes: BFT is great about talking through his plays and sharing his impressions on any given game.  While he sticks mainly to console games (PS4 in particular), he has also been known to play PC games, including Smite and Mount Your Friends.  He’s an equal opportunity gamer and a nice guy.  We appreciate you!
  • GamingDeath –  Games: New Releases & Indie Games – Features: Penises, Fart Jokes, Pure Gameplay, Podcasts – Notes: Chris Gannon and gang mainly stick to charity streams and new releases.  They keep it simple with pure gameplay videos and no real frills…  Sometimes there may be fart jokes, penis references, and other sophomoric behavior…  You’re welcome.
  • DocRoeGames –  Currently M.I.A. (Having a J-O-B is hard..  We understand.)
  • xJollyLamaGames: Diablo III & Assorted PC Games – Features: Shenanigans, Epic Beard, HD Video – Notes: Casey has a pretty beast gaming rig but what really makes his stream fun is how chill and silly he is.  Plus, you know, epic bears are awesome.
  • ObioneX2 –  Games: CS:GO, Smite, Strife, Diablo III, WoW, and simulator games! – Features: NSFW, Epic Beard, HD Video, Boobies – Notes: Obi is an unapologetic brocaster so, if boobs and foul language offend you, remember we warned you.  Actually, Obi is a big teddy bear once you get to know him!
  • Spathizilla –  Games: Minecraft & Such – Features: Sexy British Accent, Epic Music – Notes: Andy streams every now and then.  His music selection never disappoints, unless you don’t like EDM or anything electronic.  It doesn’t really matter what games he streams, just listen to his voice and the epic music!
  • Yogizilla –  Games: SolForge, Scrolls, Hearthstone, Smite, Retro Games, ETC. – Features: Podcasts, Vlogs, OP Lag, Epic Fails, Epic Beard, Cutest Cat EVER, Song Requests, Interactive, Bantering – Notes: If you enjoy epic fails to the tune of great music or you like streamers who actually have real conversations with their viewers, I, Yogi am your bear-lizard!  Of course, if you want high-skill plays and anti-social chat rooms, avoid my channel at all costs!


Streamers We Love

Back To The Future - Anime Style - Francesco8657

[ Artwork By Francesco8657 ]

Back To The Future

We’re working on getting Geeky Antics as an official team page on Twitch but, for now, we have our official Geeky Antics Twitch Channel!  The talks with the Twitch Partners team and other key players in the community are ongoing.  Regardless of our official Twitch recognition, it all starts by promoting each other.  If we keep supporting each other, our audience will grow – that means YOUR audience too!

More details and Twitch lovin’ COMING SOON!