Poetry: With Music by @RussellBennetts & @Klassnik

Poetry: With Music by @RussellBennetts & @Klassnik



by Russell Bennetts & Rauan Klassnik

@RussellBennetts and @Klassnik

  Lost London Photos 06

With Music

The ice cream hut

Ate all the children,

Winston Churchill harrumphed

Turned tail and sang

Seidel’s Song to the Moon

The Battle of Stepney

Childhood dreams of an opera,

Peter the Painter harrumphed

Chased tail and sang



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About Russell Bennetts

Russell Bennetts is the founder and editor of BerfroisBerfrois is a literary-intellectual online magazine.

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About Rauan Klassnik

Rauan Klassnik is a poet and artist. He is author of the Moon’s Jaw, a collection of poetry that paints a portrait of rotting decadence: wastelands of body and soul radioactive with death, cruelty, and a dark gleaming perverse sexuality.

Twitter: @Klassnik

Website: RauanKlassnik

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