Flash Fiction: Big Stone Book of Trollish Insults by @StartYourNovel

Big Stone Book of Trollish Insults


by John Magnet Bell

John Magnet Bell

Shame of the Fireside, black tusker, hunter of clouds — I earned these names and worse because I fell in love with a human alchemist’s son.

My sisters drove me from the home fire and I lived on wolves and other vermin. I looked for my beloved without cease.

I imagine the alchemist’s son
would look something like this.
Image sourced from this io9 article, which includes a dozen more intriguing pictures of 1970s cosplayers
NB.: If you’re uncomfortable with loincloths, diaphanous tunics and exposed breasts, don’t go there.


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The Next Step by John Magnet Bell

The Next Step by John Magnet Bell