HorsePLAY! Is Now On Stitcher Radio – w00t!!

A couple of days ago I was talking with ObioneX2 about our growth strategies for social media, online marketing, and all that good stuff.  We brainstormed for a good 45 minutes.  Sadly, our biggest immediate goal was still pending.  Right after hanging up, I get a tweet and an email from our account manager on Stitcher, congratulating us on being added to Stitcher.  Talk about good timing!


We are beyond stoked about the HorsePLAY! Stitcher Radio station.  Stitcher is much more accessible than iHeartRadio and iTunes, especially for smaller brands and startups.  The process was easy and well worth it.

From a marketing perspective, I love how Stitcher is a more open market.  Everything is primarily ad-supported and everyone has a chance to have their voice heard.  It’s a very inclusive experience, whereas other networks make submission or being featured exclusive (and sometimes painful).  Stitcher does not place tons of limits or requirements on content, which allows us creatives to do our thang and not worry about filters, post-production editing, and potential conflicts of interest.  They see the inherent value in syndication, collaboration, and cross-promotion, just like we do here at GANG.

From a consumer perspective, I love the wide variety of content there is on Stitcher.  You can enjoy old style radio shows, psychic readings, technology news, video game reviews, friends getting together, and so much more.  For me, listening to audio shows is a fun way to spice up my work hours and support other lesser-known marketers and online authorities.  I have looked around and nothing comes close to what Sticher offers.  The ease of use, features, massive content library, and behind the scenes team make this network top-notch, whether you are a listener, broadcaster, or both.

I also wanted to comment on comments made by Chris Hardwick of the Nerdist a few years back, when they pulled their content off the Stitcher network.  He and other A-listers feel that no one should be able to monetize their content.  They make a huge deal about ads being place in front of their content.  I see this as an expected requirement to keep the Stitcher Radio platform as open as possible.  There’s no need to make a fuss when even YouTube is doing the same thing and Google multimedia platforms are far more restrictive.

We’re excited to work with Stitcher Radio to help them expand while we grow our own brands here on GANG.  As long as we are allowed the freedom to produce the content we are passionate about, I see no issue.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch and we get that so rock on, Stitcher Radio!

As such, we urge all our supporters to follow our Stitcher Radio referral link, leave us a review, add us to a playlist or two, and support our fellow podcasters.  By supporting Stitcher Radio, you support our show and fellow geeks worldwide.  Everyone wins!

Thanks for the support and help us celebrate this big win for our team and community.  Tweet me @Yogizilla and @ObioneX2 with what you’d like to see next.  Topic and guest suggestions are always welcomed!

Stay tuned for more HorsePLAY! updates, events, and previews here on GANG and on our Horseplay Steam community group!