Poll: What Time Would Like To Hear A Sermon On Sunday?

A Foreword On Spiritual Healing & Unity

By Yogizilla

Hey gang!

Today we have a simple poll (well two, actually) that I’d like everyone to take a few minutes out to take.  Whether you consider yourself religious or not, share your thoughts.  For the atheists and agnostics out there, think of this as an opportunity to do some personal development and/or spiritual healing.

For me, personal development and spirituality are very much part of what it means to be a geek.  After all, we don’t really grow until we realize just how tiny we are in the grand scheme of things.  It’s only when we unite that we truly accomplish special things.

With the recent passing of Robin Williams, I think this Sunday sermon comes at a great time.  We all need to be reminded of this:

You are not alone.

What is religion?  What is spirituality?  What is faith?  I don’t think those definitions and social constructs really matter as much as the basic human needs that we all share: purpose, connection, warmth, community/family, accomplishment, contentment, etc.  All these things are as much about the physical and material components as they are about the unseen.

I have not heard Obi’s father preach but, from what I gather, he’s down to earth and will approach it from a more secular, non-denominational perspective.  I think the messages will be inspiring to all if you keep your hearts and minds open.



A Message From ObioneX2

Let me know what you guys think.  My dad really wants to do a sermon on Sundays.   He just wants to know what time you guys would like to hear it because he wants to do be live every week.

I picked 2pm myself.

Vote Here:  http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=53f0fca1e4b002fc79c2fa6e


The GANG Minute: Robin Williams Death And The Hope It Brings Us

This is usually the part where I share the latest TGM video and discuss the key points further but Twitch decided to randomly mute my video due to non-existent copyrighted material.  YAY!


The claims of Robin Williams’ death are not a hoax.  This is a tragic day indeed.  It’s not merely because we lost another brilliant mind and a joy to the world, but because depression SUCKS.

I must admit that I woke up this morning feeling that something was off.  In my gut, I felt something bad was going to happen.  It has been an emotional roller coaster and the news of Robin Williams did not make it any better.

Jimmy Kimmel said it best…

If you’re sad, tell someone.

We tend to be so guarded and caustic as human beings these days.  It’s easier to be bitter, troll a bit, and just mask our emotions with constant sarcasm, partying, sillyness, stunts, or whatever.  We all hurt but few of us have strong support networks and healthy sharing practices in place.

Here is Robin Williams, a wealthy actor who we would think would be free from the usual stress and challenges we peasants have to deal with..  And he commits suicide (allegedly).  No one is safe.  Identify your true friends and get some open dialogue going, guys.  If you are lacking friends, make some.  None of us can make it alone.


I can’t believe Mork & Mindy, one of my favorite shows in my youth, came out around 35 years ago.  This hits home for me because I always felt I identified with Robin.  He was zany, misunderstood, and a little too chipper for some.  Robin Williams embraced his little spark of insanity.  I think we all should.

Let your feelings flow, let go a bit, and let people in.

It’s time to do some healing, gang.

Remember: we are building the GANG to make it easier for people to have that support and trust in place.  We are here for you (some of us more than others, of course).  I hope that we can show the same sort of compasssion we are seeing tonight on social media..  But EVERY DAY.  I know we can do it.  #GeeksUnite