A Superlative #DoctorWho RECAP: Timey-Wimey Tea Time E5 #Love and #Fear @Faryna @Yogizilla [Please RT]

A Superlative #DoctorWho Recap: Timey-Wimey Tea Time E5 #Love and #Fear with @Faryna @Yogizilla

Doctor, who?!

In Episode TWTT 5, we carry Moffat’s limping darlings into glorious day break. If you hear us out first, you’ll have big take aways when you watch (or rewatch) Doctor Who Episode 4, Listen. That’s what our community is saying.

As always, we gladly shared some of the comments you left on YouTube for TWTT Episode 3, then played awesome submissions for the #SoftKitty song contest. Oh, heck yes, we got a buggy stream going on at allgames.com. But the Twitch feed was fine, sweetie.

Tune in Saturday, September 27th at 12 noon ET for an interactive, live chat experience of TWTT Ep. 6 on http://www.twitch.tv/geekyantics or http://www.allgames.com.

September 27th. 12 noon for New York City, Washington, D.C., 9am for the U.S. West Coast, 4pm in Madrid, 5pm for London and 7pm, Bucharest.

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