Welcome To GANG – Geeky Antics Network GLOBAL!

GANG, Geeky Antics Network Global, is a grass-roots project aimed at uniting geeks worldwide and giving the average Joe a voice.  We’re here to level the playing field by providing amateur content marketers, podcasters, video broadcasters, and bloggers a chance to build your personal brand while being part of something bigger than any single content platform.  This site is aimed at being a syndication and cross-promotion platform.

We want to go against the industry standards by doing away with traditional measures of competition, value, and influence.  If you have unique ideas and passion, you’re the type of person we want to join this movement.  Amateurs are welcome (we’ll help you get started, too)!


Ultimately, we’d like to grow into a 24/7 syndication network with some exclusive content, including live audio podcasts and articles.  There are lots of great networks out there such as Wicked, VOG (Voice Of Geeks), AllGames, iHeartRadio, and Twin Cities but they are not accessible to smaller brands and beginners.  We want to change that and level the playing field a bit.

Our flagship show is HorsePLAY! LIVE, which started off as another video game show.  We feature a lot of retro/throwback games, indie titles, and niche releases.  Technology and geek culture as a whole has become more of our focus.

HorsePLAY! is not just a show, it’s a growing community.  We love to have guests and it’s a great opportunity to cross-promote everyone’s individual projects.  If you’re interested in joining us for a segment or as a rotating guest host, tweet http://twitter.com/yogizilla and @ObioneX2.  Guest bloggers are definitely welcome, too.  Stay tuned for podcast castings and staff openings.

Big shout-outs to our friends in Clan NoF (Nipples of Fate) and AllGames.com for making this project possible and inspiring us!