Ye Olde #Hearthstone Tavern and Inn #YOHTAI Issue No. 4

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Naxxramas Intro Screen

Handshakes, Nods and Shout Outs

Welcome (and welcome back) to Ye Olde Hearthstone Tavern and Inn. Our friend’s lists are growing, our kung fu getting funky and our murloc sammiches be mighty.

We’re a community that’s about Hearthstone. Hearthstone is an Online Collectible Card Game (CCG) that is easy to learn, yet challenging to master.

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Yogizilla Rocking the Arachnid Quarter

Yogizilla Rocking the Arachnid Quarter

Curse of Naxxramas is Live!

The Naxxramas patch downloaded for several of us at GANG and the adventure began. Some breezed through the Arachnid Quarter in an hour but most do not. The Naxxramas AI seems to be cunning and smart. Pay attention to the cards – the new ones are surprising. If you have never ranked better than 20, Naxx may be tough on Normal mode.
Naxx Intro 2
Lag has been a little fierce in the first hours of Naxxramas, but we’re hoping it gets better soon. During lag, it takes a little longer for actions to execute. A day or two, however, is expected as everyone digs into the Naxx.
Bugs:Hogger doesn’t spawn taunting gnolls at the end of turn. This was fixed by 7:30 EDT.
Report your bugs to Stan (see email addy below) and he’ll add them here.
Below is a look at what you’re up against.




Anub’Rekhan’s hero power: (Skitter) Summon a 3/1 Nerubian (Normal)
Anub’Rekhan throws out a whole lotta low-life minions if given half the chance. Don’t let that happen.


The reward for defeating Anub’Rekhan is a cute little number: the Haunted Creeper.
Anub'Rekhan Reward

Grand Widow Faerlina

Faerlina’s Hero Power: (Rain of Fire) Fire a missile for each card in your opponent’s hand. (Normal)
Faerlina's Defeat

Faerlina’s Defeat

The reward for defeating the Grand Widow Faerlina is a cute little number: the Nerub’ar Weblord.
Faerlina Reward

Faerlina Reward




Maexxna’s Hero Power: (Web Wrap) Return a random enemy to your opponent’s hand. (Normal)


The reward for defeating Maexxna: Nerubian Egg

Maexxna Defeated

Maexxna Defeated

Reward for the completion of all three Arachnid Quarter bosses: Maexxna

Arachnid Quarter Reward

Arachnid Quarter Reward


Hearthstone News

Ranked Play Season 3 Card Back: The Magical Mystery Tour 

@aworthyopponent is guilty for proclaiming the Season 3 card (Joyful Rainbow) as “The Magical Mystery Tour” card back. Contrary to @aworthyopponent’s suggestion, mind altering drugs are optional when you play this card back.

As I’ve said before, new seasonal card backs are lower hanging fruit for lesser murlocs. But until we come up with some OP suggestions, what’s a greater murloc to do?

We are thrilled, however, to have the A Worthy Opponent Podcast team join GANG! Welcome to the awesome, Autumnsbane and Blacklace.

Ranked Play Season 4 Card Back: The Dread

The Dread

Love it?

Me, no.

2014 Hearthstone World Championship

$250,000 in prizes for the epic plays! Do you have a shot at a cash prize? Be a top 16 Legend player. The official competition rules are still here:

Thank you

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Open Pack Hearthstone Faryna 4


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