[NSFW] Food Porn: French Toast Roast – Oi Oi, It’s So Moist!

WARNING:  If you are offended by strong language or sexual inuendo, do not read ahead..  And sorry.

Do you love french toast?  Maybe you love breakfast food?  This is the recipe for you guys!

I stumbled across this thanks to a random, unrelated Imgur share from our pal, DekardC.  Credit goes out to IvanTheTerrible for sharing this and making us drool a bit.  I must say that we LOVE having breakfast foods at any time of the day in our household so this one gets me extra excited!

The French Toast Roast is a carb fanatics wet dream come true.  We haven’t tried this out at home (yet) but just looking at this really does it for me.  Let’s look at what you need to get this lovely treat going!

French Toast Roast Ingredients Spread

French Toast Roast Ingredients SPREAD…  NVM, that pun is too easy!

The idea is that you want to create a glaze concoction to fry the bread in (without the crust).  Meanwhile, there is a cream mixture using bananas, vanilla extract, cinnamon, sugar, and eggs.  This actually gets injected into the naked, delicious bread.  The recipe’s creator recommend a Brioche, which sounds like the name of a fancy escort.  I’m sure you can use any ‘ol French or even *GASP* Italian bread.

French Toast Roast with a cream center!

Oh yeah baby, fill me up with your delicious cream!!

This is where it gets exciting.  Rather than bathing the the bread in the usual egg-and-sweets soak, you fry it in butter after dusting the bread in sugar.  Look at this beautiful golden tan!

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