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Best Ever Doctor Who Podcast: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Ep. 1 with Yomar Lopez, Chris Gannon and Stan Faryna


The 12th Doctor is going on. We’re in past episode two and some already love Peter Capaldi. Others are waiting to see if he can be the better man. Or, more precisely, Gallifreyan.

 Really? But it’s just a TV show. What does it have to do with me?

Maybe, everything. Or not.

Time-Wimey Tea Time Recap

This episode, Yomar Lopez, Chris Gannon and Stan Faryna talk about lots – why Doctor Who is important, the problematic of a brow-beaten Doctor, the enthusiasm of the Doctor Who community for Tea Time and people’s hopes for a brave, new Doctor.  

Chris Gannon of The Gaming Death Podcast talks about how he got hooked on Doctor Who.

“My first introduction with Doctor Who… there’s this goofy looking British guy in a long leather trench coat and this really hot blonde being attacked by plastic mannequins and I was like, what is this, this is cheesy and weird and super smart and really funny, entertaining.”
Stan Faryna talks about the kind of Doctor he wants Capaldi to be (on air and off).
“In these times of brutal violence, savage sexuality and a want of leadership, Doctor Who must be a counter cultural champion. He must be an antidote to materialistic delusions, the happy-faces of a me-first false consciousness, and easy platitudes of self-deceit.

Doctor Who does not let it flow. He doesn’t go with the flow. He turns the tide, he rejects the incompleteness of human thinking and the darkness of the human heart as it is embodied in alien or other threats, and, thereby, he helps us see the bigger picture. The Doctor helps us see beauty. That’s his job.
But not just beauty. He helps us to see good that we may do good. He helps us to know the truth that we may live out truth. That’s who the Doctor is. Clara’s courage, obviously, can’t compete with that. And Moffat shouldn’t even try to make her compete with that who-ness.
It’s a disservice to Clara.”
Yomar Lopez shares some of the love we’re getting on YouTube.
Keep it going. Best Doctor Who podcast ever!

– Lissa Lisse
Rock on

– Sophie Davis
Nobody I know likes Doctor Who. I’m glad I found you guys
– Ken
Siento como que estoy saliendo con mis mejores amigos

– Pepa Farra

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