Flash Fiction: Arts, Crafts, And Curiosities

“Wow, Tamara, you’ve really invested a lot into your business and it shows! The new logo and print materials look fantastic.. And the new chairs and marble counters are really snazzy! You even got a new telephone system installed, I see.”, Greg said enthusiastically as he explored the new store front for his friend’s budding startup.

Tamara responded, “Thank you! I believe that, in business, you have to spend money to make money. That’s the epitome of professionalism.”

One of the shiny new VOIP telephone units started to ring. It lit up and produced a lovely sound reminiscent of an Eric Satie melody.

“Hold on Greg, let me get this,” Tamara picked up the phone and put on her best smile, “Tamara’s Crafts & Curiosities, what can I create for you today?”

Tamara’s facial expression changed from enthusiastic to borderline vomit-yielding grimmace.

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