The Existential Triad in BioShock Infinite by @Miksimum


Afraid of You: The Existential Triad in BioShock Infinite




by Jesse Miksic


jesse miksics


“One of the strengths of BioShock Infinite, acknowledged less often than
its expansive and detailed historical-revisionist steampunk setting, is
the way its narrative is punctuated. The extended forays down cobblestone
streets – and the intermittent murderous rampages – are connective tissue,
linking a series of scenes that are genuinely, jarringly emotional. The
relationship between Booker, Elizabeth and Zachary Comstock sets the stage
for some truly evocative dramatic turns, perhaps more of them – and
handled with a more dynamic sensibility – than in any other game in
memory, including narrative-heavy games like Japanese role-playing games

These moments are thematically woven together, and many of them are linked
to the original BioShock, albeit loosely. Before I dive into the
psychological and existential dimensions of BioShock Infinite, I want to
acknowledge some of these scenes, and unpack their significance.


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