Syndicated Podcasts

While our goal is to have the largest network of niche, fun, and remarkable grass-roots content on the web, we also love featuring our favorite creatives, particularly podcasts.  Outside of cross-promotion, plugs, and ad spots, we also syndicate our favorite podcasts.  Here are a few of the podcasts we love and feature in our aggregate feed, otherwise known as GeekyAntics Foundry:

  • The B-Team Podcast (AllGames Radio Network)
  • A Worthy Opponent (Holosuite Media)
  • Retro Junkies (Retro Junkies Network)
  • 2 Dudes & An NES (Retro Junkies Network)
  • Atari 2600 Game By Game (Retro Junkies Network)

Every September we’ll be working even closer with our sister networks by doing more cross-promotion, mash-ups, guest host spots, and other fun stuff.  Heck, we may do that anyway because it’s fun and we love our fellow podcasters!