Save Or Shave The Beard? #SaveOrShave #SaveObiBeard #ShaveObiBeard

To shave the beard or to save the beard?

THAT is the question.

Hey everyone ObioneX2 back again!  It’s here..  It’s time to decide my fate: save or shave The Beard.

The Beard means alot to me and really want to keep it but my wife, Fefela, really wants it gone.  What do you guys think?  Vote will your wallet!

…Well, you don’t have to vote with your wallet but it helps.  After the poll, I’ll share how scoring will work.

(If the poll does not display properly, try this link –


The poll will be open throughout October and possibly into #Movember, which would be ironic if I do end up having to get rid of the beard.  (Yogi:  We found a loophole.. You can keep the mustache so that still counts for Movember!)  Here is how points will be counted:

  • Vote on PollDaddy = 1 point
  • Click on Save/Shave Beard Links = 5 points
  • Donations to Save/Save = 10 points*
  • Wishlist Purchase = 15 points*

*Must include in donation note which one you support (save or shave).

Here is our old poll, already in progress!  This one may be counted in the event of a tie.

Oatmeal Grows & Shaves A Beard

True story. Kids LOVE #TheBeard!

A Message From Yomar a.k.a. Yogizilla

You may not know Obi, but you may have strong feelings about facial hair.  This is your chance to sound off!  Ladies, we won’t tell your husbands/boyfriends. *wink*

To avoid hard feelings, I suggested to Obi that the wishlists be not be included in the point distribution.  Then we figured it would make sense for wishlist purchases to be counted as consolation prizes.  As such, a purchase to Fefe’s list will go towards Obi’s cause – #SaveTheBeard – and vice versa.  Here are the links:

Obi’s Amazon Wishlist

With Movember coming up, I’d also like to get everyone in our community, The GANG, to tout their best facial hair come November.  It can be a moustache, beard, goatee, whatever tickles your fancy!  Movember helps bring awareness to men’s health issues such as depression and prostate cancer.
For the ladies in the audience, there’s many ways you can get involved too.  Maybe you wear a prosthetic mo or beard.  Perhaps you try out a wild new hairstyle or you really go for the gusto and don’t shave your legs..  Starting now!  LOL..  Well, that may be a bit much but why not? ;o)
Save Or Shave The Beard? #SaveOrShave

Save Or Shave The Beard? #SaveOrShave

Pimp Daddy ObioneX2, courtesy of Spathizilla!

Pimp Daddy ObioneX2, courtesy of Spathizilla!

HorsePLAY! LIVE G.A.N.G. - Thanks Spathizilla for the photochopping!

HorsePLAY! LIVE G.A.N.G. – Thanks Spathizilla for the photochopping!

ObioneX2 in Doctor Who, courtesy of Spahizilla!

ObioneX2 in Doctor Who, courtesy of Spahizilla!

Show us your best hair in the comments!

Oh, and if you vote to shave the beard, we won’t hold it against you. =o)

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  1. SAVE the beard all the way! Winter is coming up.. PLUS Movember. Andy Love Amato from TheWorstRadioShow is with us, too. Everyone should leave VM to sound off:


    In the meantime, I’m going to see if I can get some of our sponsors to rally for #TheBeard. I know Vince Martin from Martin Septic Services is a beard man. Will from ShinyPrints / PhotoFunMaker has been known to rock the facial hair, too. We got this!


    Support our bearded fellows! ;o)

  2. save the beard.. Georgia supports the you, Obi! Facial hair is quite popular down south.

    If you know anyone in Eatonton, Gray, Milledgeville, Greensboro, or middle Georgia areas please send them my way. Appreciate the support!

    Good luck!!

  3. save the beard. you live where its winter. you need it!

  4. Beard is warmth, beard is life… Is there a good bearded emoji out there? Maybe… =o)@

    Hmmm.. Needs some work. O_O

  5. save the beard is winning


    Bearded brothers, if you know anyone in the Eatonton, Gray, Milledgeville Georgia area please share my link. Thanks for all the plug y’all have ran on the network!

    Good luck obi

  6. Live beard shaving right meow!

    Remember, kids: the only way to win it is to stay in it. Share, comment, tag, mention, +1, StumbleUpon, Pinterest.. Get crazy with it! =oD

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  8. Save the beard, and shave it when winter ends, then grow it again until Movember, Obi! If your wife doesn’t like it, make sure you groom it, a clean beard always wins the heart of our ladies. Question is do you groom it? Do you use beard balm and other grooming kit?

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