SATURDAY: Deconstructing #DoctorWho: The Caretaker, a Shrew and Mouth Garbage

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Not all is wrong with The Caretaker. The Doctor is working on being heroic despite the pressing need for him to tame the mouth garbage. Spoiler: He saves the Earth again and he doesn’t even break a sweat.

Not all is wrong with Doctor Who. We can return to the 11th Doctor…

It does not escape Stan’s lack of sense of humor that Danny Pink saves the day as a “PE teacher” might and not by the force of his maths or brains. However, Samuel Andersen did shine for a moment (at last!) when “Sergeant” Pink called the Doctor out as an elitist, manipulative and authoritative one percenter. Go Danny!

The Guardian writes about Danny:

Danny’s inability [to] understand the “different” way that Clara might love the Doctor has become my only real problem with him. So much that I almost get the Doctor’s antipathy toward him.

Which makes Stan think that racism is so deeply entrenched in British culture that the BBC and company are completely unaware of what would and would not suggest racism. Nevermind the recent Liverpool incident in which anti-semitism came off like an old Hitler rally. Contrary to all present representations, however, TWTT is not a voice for social justice or social change. Our own humanity is challenge enough.

Equally problematic is the suggestion that if your romantic interest is spending a lot of time with another person (more time than with you), you shouldn’t be concerned. This is misdirection spoken only as a cheater would speak.

Moving on. It does not escape our sense of irony that Forbes (the publication for one percenters) now has things to say about Doctor Who. And it loves the Doctor. This should worry us! The fact that he does not confess his one percenter allegiances makes him innocent. Or so says the collective Forbes’ consciousness.

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  1. “Caretaker” has me most perplexed. I don’t know if I like it or hate it. I was worried about an Earthbound story.. We need more space. It seems every time they try to ground the story more, the focus shifts to romance and the dark side of humanity.. Oh yes, and ROBOTS!

    Danny Pink’s confrontation against the Doctor would have been more epic if it weren’t sparked by his own insecurities. It was more a matter of ego than real concern for Clara. Danny didn’t like the idea of another man fulfilling his gal in any other way.

    When the Doctor suggested the young student might go do some shoplifting, I did not feel there was necessarily a racist lean. You could say that it was a look at how corrupt our youth has become. Disruptive influence can apply to any teenager or tween, arguably. I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt here as we already have plenty of clear issues to dismantle, criticize, and analyze to death.

    It tickles me that both The Nerdist and Forbes are absolutely loving Series 8. I am enjoying it but the glaring flaws are quite perturbing… It’s okay to love a creative work but don’t be blind about it – that’s the bad side of fanboydom.

    So, Danny Pink, I think he does not sit well with me. He tries too hard.. He over-compensates. He’s the same little kid in a grown man’s body.. Sadly, the Doctor mirrors these very flaws even though he is much, much older than Mr. Pink.

    We’re at the halfway mark and I can’t possibly see things turning around in a significant manner.. Maybe less Mr. Pink? They are tearing down our admirable Doctor quite hard. It’s certainly deliberate… But what are they setting up.. And why?

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