Road Rage of Aquarius by @StartYourNovel

Road Rage of Aquarius


by John Magnet Bell

John Magnet Bell

Karl Kustom Corvette Coupe 1960 Style 2

You drive too fast, Malcolm, and you hate everyone. You refuse to acknowledge this is a problem. 

“Shut up, car,” said Malcolm.

Warning: You’ve exceeded your monthly minutes of manual driving. Lock steering wheel in 3, 2…

“Override. 4167 B.”

Warning: Seven manual-drive vehicles detected.

Malcolm’s middle finger itched already.



Yes, I got my title from The 5th Dimension song, “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine in” and yes, I watched The 40-Year-Old Virgin and had a good laugh, loved that they included this song at the end of the movie.

The astrological Age of Aquarius is the age of electricity, computers, democracy, humanism, rebellion, nervous disorders…

… I look forward to the Age of Capricorn.

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About John Magnet Bell

John is a professional translator, writer and photographer. He writes about writing and he writes unconventional flashes of fiction at his website, Start Your Novel. Why? John explains his passion here.

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The Next Step by John Magnet Bell

The Next Step by John Magnet Bell


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  1. Aquarius can be trouble! I picture tidal waves. Water can be calm but there is a slow build up that eventually leads to a giant crash. Perhaps all the technology and logic we immerse ourselves in will betray us in the end. That could be said about social media. Here’s something that can bring so much good but it is often adulterated and abused.. Shame.

    So, what would the Age of Capricorn bring?

  2. Capricorn will be dangerous!

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