Paradise Encrypted by @StartYourNovel

Paradise Encrypted


by John Magnet Bell

John Magnet Bell

I fell asleep to the whistle and crack of far-off mortar fire, shivering under the standard-issue blanket. I fell asleep cursing the thermal implants that refused to warm me, but the wretched bastards on the other side of the wall had worse things to worry about.



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About John Magnet Bell

John is a professional translator, writer and photographer. He writes about writing and he writes unconventional flashes of fiction at his website, Start Your Novel. Why? John explains his passion here.

Twitter: @StartYourNovel
Google+: JMBell
Website: Start Your Novel

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Krag Tee Shirt by @StartYourNovel

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  1. Nice one

  2. I’m transfixed by the Sargent York battle scene video. I know a little bit about Alvin York, but I’ve never made my way around to watching the film in full. I may have to bump this up to the top of my list now. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We should watch it together – all of us. Who’s bringing the popcorn?

  4. I do love a high tension bit of drama. Anyone else hate such a sharp awakening? Mind, I hate being woken any way!

  5. I am one that literally opens his eyes and jumps out of bed with a ferocious gaze. Sometimes. When it happens, it can be very disconcerting for someone who shares my bed. I suppose the trenches had impact on me. Ah – the days of being a night watchmen when I was in college.

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