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Achievement Name Karma Description
Achievement Name Karma Description
Touching Hearts 200

You’ve made the rounds, you’ve touched many hearts.. You’ve made difference. Thank you.

Poke 10


Lookie Here – I’m Active! 60

We’d say one update is a fluke but three, well, that’s active.. Borderline pro status, y0!

Group Text 47

Hey, I know what it looks like but it was just texting.. REALLY!

Psssst… HI! 17

Hey, what are you kids whispering about over there? Share with the rest of us?

Introductions & High Fives 22

Cool, now we know more about you.. You should head on over to the forums for some high fives!

Majora’s Mask 62

Now you are incognito.. Or maybe this is your real face.. Are you Zelda or are you Link?

Tweaking The Forums 17

Okay, this achievement is less crpytic..  Now our system administrators get a little more recognition.  Less than three you!

Smells Like Team Spirit 35

YAY groups!  Yup, definitely smells like team spirit..   or is that paprika? o_O

A Friendly Invitation 42

Helping everyone make new friends is one of our goals here on Geeky Antics.  Thanks for extending a friendly invitation!

A Blog Post Has Been Born! 24

What a beautiful blog post.  Treat this article like a baby: nurture it, show it off, and never neglect it.  It will thank you for your attention.

Helloooooo World! 11

Hey, now you have been upgraded from lurker to full-on social geek. Gratz on the ding!

Break-Fix Forums 23

Sometimes you got to break things in order to fix them… Forums are a living thing, except they don’t scream when you destroy them, which would be very unsettling…

Where Did We Go Wrong? -20

UNfavorited? Was it something I said? Do I need a Tic-Tac? Oh, it was them.. Well, that’s still not nice.

YouTubers Connect Yo Tubes 15

YouTube is still a thing, though Google is making it hard for us non-Pewdiepie YouTubers. We should connect our tubes, y0.

Rally The Troops 25

Rally the troops.. That evil, incestual queen is trying to steal our delicious pastries again. Gather more people – we must prepare!

A Place To Call Home 10

Everyone needs a place to call home.. You’ve created one such place. Now, who is bringing the honey mustard pretzels??

Hurray For Biffies! 50

Biffies, best friends foreverz, they are so cool… YOU are cool. I am glad we are friends!

No More Teacher’s Pet 30

Hey, everyone has their favorites.. Embrace the favoritism. Just don’t be a teacher’s pet.. It just ain’t cool.

Together Forever, Rick, Together Forever 33

Rick Astley knew what was up when he sang “Together Forever”. A group is born.. Can we sing Rick Astley covers?

Mighty e-Pen Beats Master Sword 500

The e-pen beats the Master Sword.. every time. You don’t even need to be at full health to go PEW-PEW-PEW all over the place.

Writing Is FUNdamental 50

They say reading is fundamental but, no, writing is the true FUNdamental experience. We hope to see many more blog posts from you!

Banner Of Encouragement 700

You’re a giver, a lover, or maybe just a chatterbox.. Whatever your motives, we appreciate you. Comments provide encouragement and empower others. Thank you!

The Brave, The Bold, The Few 50

Few people take the plunge and leave a comment. Sometimes it’s fear, other times it’s selfishness.. But you did it. You are part of the few that will inspire and lead – w00t!

The First But Not The Last 20

One response is all it takes to stir a discussion. Keep it relevant, entertaining, and constructive.. Others will follow your lead and join in – GOOD JOB!

First Top Is Spinning! 15

Hey, it’s your first topic – AWESOME! You know, the most epic posts are the ones that encourage discussion and are more about the community than you. We think you’re on the right … (more)

Ten Tops Touched 100

Topics like to be touched but they are often started up and then abandoned.. It’s sad but at least you have made a difference by touching them often. Don’t stop at 10 – go for 100!

Pay It Forward 25

Someone invited you and now you invited someone. Now we can all hang out. That’s a beautiful thing!

Fantastic FOURum 40

Four forums..  You are the pioneer of conversations and community – now let’s rally some geeks to contribute to topics!

Viewing 29 achievements’ progress - 1 through 29 (of 29 total)