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Achievement Name Karma Description
Achievement Name Karma Description
Group Text 47

Hey, I know what it looks like but it was just texting.. REALLY!

Majora’s Mask 62

Now you are incognito.. Or maybe this is your real face.. Are you Zelda or are you Link?

Smells Like Team Spirit 35

YAY groups!  Yup, definitely smells like team spirit..   or is that paprika? o_O

Registration: The First Step 30

Awwww yeah!  You took the first step and registered on Geeky Antics.  Welcome to the party!

Hurray For Biffies! 50

Biffies, best friends foreverz, they are so cool… YOU are cool. I am glad we are friends!

Together Forever, Rick, Together Forever 33

Rick Astley knew what was up when he sang “Together Forever”. A group is born.. Can we sing Rick Astley covers?

The Brave, The Bold, The Few 50

Few people take the plunge and leave a comment. Sometimes it’s fear, other times it’s selfishness.. But you did it. You are part of the few that will inspire and lead – w00t!

The First But Not The Last 20

One response is all it takes to stir a discussion. Keep it relevant, entertaining, and constructive.. Others will follow your lead and join in – GOOD JOB!

Viewing 8 achievements’ progress - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)