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    @obionex2 Yo bud! #SaveOrShave is LIVE along with the poll. Here’s the shortlink to share – #TheGANG

  • @brandykins1982 Did you know you can message via Twitter AND our site at the same time? =oD

  • It’s finally here – the latest episode of Doctor Who Dark Journey Series 2 (and TWTT)!
    Greetings Geeksters, Tangent Seekers, Whovians, geeks, nerds, and everyone in between.  We have a real treat for you today.  […]

  • One of the greatest tragedies of the human condition is that great people are only remembered when they pass away.  Look back to any of the greatest artists, inventors, humanitarians, etc.  They were all c […]

    • Awesome, Daniel! I loved this event. One of the best charity streams I have seen yet, hands down! I only wish we had more time to prep and promote this properly. Hopefully we can get together as a community and do another one in a few weeks. That’d be boss!

      By then, I’ll have my PVR set up again too. w00t! =oD

    • Don’t worry: none of us at GeekyAntics got one. There is a shortage of good shaders.. And variety thereof. =oP

  • ThumbnailMy Personal Thoughts on Heroes of the Storm as an Avid LoL Gamer
    Guest Post By TheShadeBlade
    Presented By
    I’m known as TheShadeBlade in Heroes of the Storm and Katrian in League […]

  • ThumbnailIt’s finally here – the AM Audio Media interview with Rikki Wright and Andrew Chalmers!
    If you’re not familiar with the fine folks behind the Doctor Who Dark Journey radio drama, check out the embedded #TWTT […]

    • Loving the initial response from the interviews. We haven’t even uploaded the latest Timey-Wimey Tea Time and folks are sharing on Facebook, tweeting, and talking about AM Audio Media. This is the sort of collaboration, support, and love we live for.

      You guys are FANTASTIC! =oD

    • Haha.. LOVE canned responses that can apply to any scenario. Are you also a part time fortune teller too? 😉

  • ThumbnailBreaking news, fellow Blizzard fanboys!
    Blizzard has been pretty tight-lipped about the specifics of the upcoming Heroes Of The Storm patch so we’ve put together a report based upon what they have told us and […]

    • Official patch notes, for anyone that may have missed the preview and in-game deets. Overall, this was a patch that addressed everyone’s concerns and added much more polish, performance boosts, and functionality. We’re very happy with the direction of things!

      What do you guys think? =oD

    • I want to believe in Heroes of the Storm. I really do. But I can’t get past the feeling that it’s basically League of Legends using Blizzard Characters. And while that’s inherently kinda badass, it presents me with a problem. I never really got into StarCraft, so all of those characters would be lost on me. I was addicted to WoW years ago, but the story was all over the place, so those characters wouldn’t mean much to me either. I’m well versed in Sanctuary Lore so the Diablo characters call to me…..but what of the others? I know it’s a competitive kind of thing, but Lore is important to me …. even when I played LoL, I chose champions based off their personal lore.

      I thought I might give it a spin since it’s new and it’s free…but I dunno. I just love questing too dang much 🙂

      • … And LoL has actually dumped lore. Maybe due to Nika Harper’s departure and the loss of creatives?

        Those are very fair points. I have mixed feelings as I freelance as a ghostwriter, content marketer, and game designer. Lore is a powerful tool but it’s not the only way to create immersion and attachment to your toons.

        There’s a lot I can say but mainly HotS is the MOBA for people that always wanted to love the genre but couldn’t get into the arguably boring aspects of farming, item builds, stringent roles, etc. Then there is the toxicity that comes with PvP, which is further compounded by a focus on individual performance instead of teamwork. HotS has rebuilt the MOBA/ARTS from the ground up. You have team experience, objectives, and stats. Matches are faster and more intense.

        I feel anyone that really gives the game a chance and plays with friends will enjoy it thoroughly. Heroes of the Storm will appeal most to Blizzard fans and team players. You have to like PvP and be okay with the isometric view.

        Quests are there but not central. I love quests but get with them tend to require a much greater time commitment. The same goes for story-driven experiences. For me, I want fun gameplay and something I can enjoy with friends. Gaming is mostly my limited time to take a break from my work and family obligations. It’s a brief escape. If the gameplay is fun, that’s all that should matter. Consider the countless games that are essentially awesome interactive movies with bad or at least unremarkable game mechanics. Last Of Us comes to mind and I know many will disagree.

        It all comes down to what you enjoy most in games, how competitive you are, and how much time you can commit. I used to love MMOs but they took me away from my loved ones. It was hard to play casually and get enjoyment or any sense of progression. MMORPGs also suffer from cookie-cutter paths/builds, heavy nerfs that ruin months of work, and repetitive gameplay. They have a strong social, customization, and overall immersion but they’re more exclusive than inclusive to me.

        I would like some story-driven campaigns and the PvE is there but that’s not the focus now. The core of HotS is very well done. This is a MOBA that’s accessible and tons of fun. It offers a fresh experience every time, tons of options, and never-ending depth and mastery opportunities.

        The MOBA scene is growing rapidly. HotS has done tons to carve out their own niche. You can compare it to LOL but you could also do the same with Smite, Gigantic, and Airmech.. Yet they’re each very distinct experiences in spite of their differences. If anything, LoL shares more in common with DotA 2 (with good reason), HoN, and Strife. Some prefer the latter but they can be rough if you lean more towards team plays and fast action.

        MOBA were born of the RTS genre and innovative games like Herzog Zwei and Total Annihilation (Planetary Devastation).. But it’s nice to see a pure MOBA experience, though the RTS remnants are certainly there. But I digress.. I’m not trying to sell anyone on the game but I’d love our friends to give it a real shot so we can play together! =oD

        Again, if you are not keen on PvP, isometric view, or MOBA/ARTS games, it may not be for you.. Or it may sell you on the genre finally. Smite and Gigantic also have that potential. If you need a narrative and lore, you may have to give it some time.. But the foundation is there. =o)

        • You, sir, have seduced me with your wares! I will give it a shot one of these days. Questing and character progression will probably always be the most important to me, but I will certainly try out HoTS, if only to say “Well, I tried it” ….. I’m always saying to people “you can’t know if you don’t like something unless you try it” lol …. I’m TERRIBLE at pvp, but it’s never stopped me from trying, and every once in a while, you have an OP AWESOME game and it feels good. 🙂 Thanks for your well-thought out response.

          • You got it, bud! Speaking of character progression, HotS has it in spades. There are hero and player levels, daily quests, and more unlockables/rewards on the way.

            I actually prefer PvE myself but usually the scope of such games can be overwhelming and you need much greater investment before you can really feel your progress, you know? With HotS, I feel you get the best of both worlds. Every session feels like a step towards a significant goal… And it’s just fun with friends!

            I have an old friend I’ve known since around 1999. He played the game twice and then gave up on it. That was before the last major patches. He was even in the alpha. Yet he loves LOL.. Facepalm… You really gotta give it a go and playing with friends enhances the experience big time.

            The good news is that there are heroes you can use that are very straight forward yet viable at all levels of competitive play. Raynor comes to mind.

            You have four main roles you can take on: Warrior, Assassin, Support, and Specialist. I find the latter offers the most versatility and utility. Raynor is an Assassin who has the siege potential of a top-tier Specialist. As such, he can push lanes and destroy enemy structures just as well as he can contribute in team fights or duel. The only tricky part with him is watching out for bursty enemies and timing his knock back so that it delivers the killing blow or allows him to escape.

            I love this game and can’t wait to share it with all our homies here and throughout the geekosphere! =oD

  • ThumbnailYAYAYAY – Happy Cinco De Mayo! *takes a shot*

    Tonight, May 5th 2015, we’ll be drinking, probably drunk-streaming, and counting down to the Heroes Of The Storm open beta on May 19th.  We’re counting down to the […]

    • i will always advocate for don’t starve and mag. can’t wait to be able to join you on a podcast some day.

      • I admire your passion, bud, and your unique perspective would certainly be awesome to have in on our conversations. Soon, my friend, SOON! We’ll have to discuss our upcoming launches further so we can work around your schedule, perhaps doing some pre-recorded content. 8)

    • Thanks for leaving a comment, Saul! Anyone who does marketing should check out Saul’s platform and the wonderful tools there. – go there now! =o)

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  • Blizzard teased a huge announcement a few weeks ago.  Everyone thought it was details about the next hero, battleground/map, or open beta but it turned out to be the release date for Heroes Of The Storm.  Yes, i […]

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  • ThumbnailHeroes Of The Storm has been in closed beta since around January 13th but, since people can easily score beta keys or buy in (not sure on the latter since the Founder’s Pack was removed), now is the time when the […]

    • That Vikings thing his freaking hilarious.

    • Another thing I see too often is teams going for boss camps with the entire enemy team up. Nothing throws a match harder. You’re going to take damage and be easy to pick off.. Then they get the kills and the boss push. Play smart. Be aware of who is missing and play it safe. If a whole team is missing on the minimap, it’s usually easy to figure out where they are at. ;o)

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