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  • WOW..  2017 is almost over.  Crazy.

    While we have not been keeping up with our editorial calendar and podcasts have scaled back across the board, we’re still going strong with HorsePLAY! LIVE.  Our friends ov […]

  • (Hey, better late than never!)

    It’s almost April and we’re still going with our insane geek awards, the Unicorn Poopies.  Doing the series has allowed us to look back at 2016 and identify some interesting t […]

    • Just heard about the Batgirl movie and guess who is on the project? Joss Whedon! If you don’t know who that is, well, he’s been involved in geek favorites such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV), Firefly (sad face), and a bunch of Marvel stuff since then. He’s had some less-strong stuff like Dollhouse and Angel but, overall, I trust in his creative direction.. And I’m also big on Batgirl so bring it!

      What do you guys think? =oD

      P.S. We ended up doing EP172 of HorsePLAY! LIVE on Friday, March 31st. It’s now up on TuneIn Radio, PlayerFM, Stitcher, Google Play, iTunes, and more. Give it a listen and please review?


    • That’s true but I think some are worse than others.

      I’ve found that Heroes of the Storm is the least toxic because it focuses on teamwork… Overwatch, if you consider it a MOBA, is also pretty chillax because it’s more fast-paced and voice chat isn’t really used (though it’s hidden in there).

      League of Legends is the worst because the gameplay has become so stringent that anyone who deviates from the meta and accepted style of play gets slammed. Players on LoL tend to all think they are better than they really are so they pass the buck. It’s a really bad system and a lot of it is by design.

      Smite on console is refreshingly chill but you get trolls every now and then that will PM you. On PC, it’s arguably more toxic because of how strong elitism is in the PC gaming scene. I suppose it’s all relative but there’s no doubt that LoL is one of the worst.

      Perhaps the simple truth is that competitive games bring out the worst in people because most players are sore losers. No one complains when they win but, when they lose, it’s everyone’s fault but their own (in their minds, at least). I think Blizzard is one of the few companies that has really looked at the mechanics that feed this sort of behavior and addressed the things that make for a more team-focused experience.

      What do you think?

    • I like it too. =o]

    Batman has been kicking some major ass for a few decades now. Even though I’m a die-hard Marvel fan, Batman is by far one of my favorite heroes. Heck, he is one of my favorite […]

    • Superman and Batman are gold but, yeah, Marvel is raking in the money.
      But how about some fresh stuff and new characters? I know you’d like that, Yo.

      • That’s kind of what I was hinting at.. I think DC needs new IP to keep up. Marvel’s universe just feels so much more expansive. The MCU is massive, even without mutants, the X-Men, or anything tangent to that source material.

        I just watched “Teen Titans: Judas Contract” and it reminds me how well DC can craft stories. Their animated stuff is top-notch. I feel compelled to binge watch their other animated film: “Justice League Dark”, “Son of Batman”, “Batman/Superman Apocalypse”, etc. I’ve seen some of them already but they’re worthy of rewatching.

        The cop-out is that the comic/cartoon stories don’t translate well as live action.. but I don’t buy that. You can tone down some of the aspects and ground the story so it’s easier for audiences to suspend their disbelief.

        I mean, people can believe Harry Potter and that world is lacking in depth when it comes to the film adaptations. In it’s purest form, it’s about a hero who only knows a handful of spells and bumbles about while his friends save him time and again. Kind of reminds me of Luke Skywalker and the original Star Wars trilogy. So much wasted potential but the journey is worth it, even if details lack. It’s interesting…

        Really, it makes me wonder how much fantasy is too much. Sci-fi is more grounded in reality and, by design, requires that writers set rules that they must follow consistently. Fantasy gives creative a lot more wiggle room.. So I don’t see how super hero stories are limiting in any format. I’d like someone to help me out here.

        Where’s Chris Gannon when you need him? @GamingDeath 😉

  • We want to thank everyone who has applied to be part of our stream team or contribute in some other way.  This installment of TGM will address what we’re doing on that side so please read on.
    Obi Moves On From […]

    • I hear that. Keep on keeping on, bro.

      • We definitely are!

        Just scaling back some things that are mostly time sinks. Evered and a few engaged team members mentioned doing a “state of the GANG” podcast.. I think we should just get together on Discord and hash things out.

        As for the move some are making to Beam, it’s not the platform.. Streamers tend to not get things beyond video, nor do they take the time to learn how to run a business. That makes collaboration very hard. Most just want to ride our coat tails and get link juice. PASS. lol

        That said, Beam is where Twitch used to be: it’s easier to get partnered, people are raiding and promoting each other, and there’s a better community feel.. But that won’t last long. Like every other streaming platform, it falls apart once it gets saturated and the people you help grow get partnered/popular. It’s a shame and quite silly, really. =oP

    • And he didn’t show up until yesterday…all that cake…wasted T_T!

      • Seriously, cake is only good for about three days. If you refrigerate it, it can get icky.. unless it’s ice cream cake. At room temperature, you get two really good days after initial baking. At three days, it may start getting hard. Five days, you got some crisp. Beyond that, BEWARE – moldy cake isn’t very good. LMAO

        See what you caused, Obi?

        Okay, now let’s give him six months to figure out how to read a blog and scroll down to the comments section. Kappa

  • If you listen to our podcasts, play games with us, or watch our streams enough, it’s probably no secret that we really, REALLY love Smite (except for Obi, because he’s weird and doesn’t really play games).  […]

    • Last two days for Odyssey 2016 and then, on January 5th 2017, HRX starts in Atlanta. You’ll be able to watch the SWC (Smite World Championship) at participating local theaters or via the digital ticket, if you can’t make it live.

      To make the most out of Odyssey, complete your daily quest (the “Play As” ones are the easiest) and buy things via the story. Keep in mind that Fanrir’s Wonderland usually only gives you Odyssey Points IF there is a related active quest; otherwise, the points go towards the Fanrir’s Wonderland achievement tracker.

      Gems are still 33% OFF for a limited time alongside the 50% off Ultimate God Pack. Right now, all the old chests have been brought back and it seems they have a higher rare drop rate, especially if you go with the Christmas, Odyssey Greatest Hits, and Odyssey 2016 chests. All chests are also 25% off for a limited time!

      Again, we are super excited to see how much Smite has grown and Hi-Rez has a ton of amazing offerings outside of the Smite brand. We wholeheartedly support this smaller studio because they are all about the community and they make quality products that they continue to evolve. I know many of our community members are against microtransactions but treat it as a tip: if you get fantastic service at a restaurant, do you give the minimum tip? Do you not tip at all? Think about it: eventually, money has to be exchanged to ensure future good service and it’s very much about supporting great people doing great things.

      Personally, I hope they extend the Odyssey event since a lot of people missed out on it and did not get to get any quests done due to how obtuse it is. There’s a lot of fun to be had and, for every 3500 Odyssey Points you earn, you get free stuff. Pretty darn awesome!

      Looking forward to 2017 and hanging with the Hi-Rez team and community – YOU ROCK!! =oD

    • CORRECTION: The 25% OFF chest sale is over but you can still get gems at 33% OFF and the Ultimate God Pack at 50% OFF right meow. One of the best values in gaming currently, if you ask me.

      IMHO these skins are 100x better than what we see in League Of Legends and Overwatch on average. Outside of the basic ones, you don’t see many palette swaps or lazy artwork. The premium skins are AMAZING. My favorite has to be Freya’s Pixel Buster – it’s a combo of Minecraft and Mega Man.. SWEEEEEEEETTTTTT!!!

      2017 is off to a great start. YAY! ^_^

    • Please show some love for Hi-Rez and GeekyAntics by leaving a comment. If we get enough shares and comments, maybe we can get some codes for those highly-coveted skins you’ve been seeking like Triumphant Agni, Pixel Buster Freya, or Gentleman Ymir. HRX 2017 along with the Smite World Championship!

      In other news, we are now the #1 result for “geeky network”, thanks to your support. Now let’s get out of lurker mode. Even if you don’t like MOBAs, say hello to a smaller game studio who has done so much since being founded in 2005. Hi-Rez Studios has a wonderful team that is very involved in the gaming community. These guys are great and, trust me, we are not being paid to say this… And, yes, Hi-Rez develops Paladins! =oD

    • MB, the proper name for Gentleman Ymir is Baron Frostchild.. He’s got a top hat. Nuff said.

  • Operation: Red Crow has been out for around a week now so now may be a good time to share some early impressions and discuss how Siege is evolving. Red Crow has been a massive and super satisfying update for […]

  • The election votes are being tallied in but we know that the conversation and shenanigans are far from over.  Whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump become our next president, the insanity will surely trump (har […]

  • With the next major update coming for Rainbow 6 Siege tomorrow (Thursday, October 27th 2016, to be exact), many are still speculating what the future operators will be. Ubisoft has been very good about avoiding […]

    • Anyone else find the jumping outside stuff a bit much? Sure, it’s good to have options on defense but it’s getting a little out of hand now, especially with the cheapness that comes with Pulse, Caveira, and Jager. Thoughts?

    • Some of the latest leaks on the Japanese operators and Season 4 updates (maps included)! You’ll have to watch the video to see more but, basically, our suspicions seem right so far. Particularly, there will be an alternative to Thermite alternative breaching device and, yes, it does involve some sort of fire. Exciting times, my friends, exciting times!


      Thanks for everyone who has shared this article. Please comment with other sources, predictions, and ideas. We’d love to be one of the definitive sources for all things Rainbow Six: Siege – we love this game! =oD

    • This Saturday, we’ll see the full reveal of Operation: Red Crow, the latest season expansion for Rainbow Six Siege. Whereas the last update (which brought us Caveira and Capitao) focused on the health and stability of the game, this one looks to rebalance and expand upon core mechanics. One of the new operators, Hibana (Japanese for “spark) will be a killer mix of Thermite and Ash. Expect those two operators to drop off in use OR more heavy breaching gameplay with a combo of Ash/Thermite/Hibana – it’s gonna be CRAZY!


      SUPER excited about the future of this game. It’s a fantastic platform and possibly the best shooter we have seen for last and current gen, now and maybe ever. What do you think?

      Personally, I’d like them to address the team killing issue and abuse of kick-vote. The trolling and griefing is getting out of control and the real offenders are getting away clean. Why is accidentally shooting the hostage considered TKing??! SMH…

  • With around four weeks left until our Extra Life 2016 Twitch marathon, we’ve been thinking a lot more about online teams, communities, and tribes.  You see, we know they work and that they’re the only way to cut t […]

  • Fellow geeks and creatives, this is the official 48-hour countdown for the ReElise Kickstarter project.  In case you’ve missed all the hoopla surrounding this project, we’re excited because this is an ambitious […]

    • If you look at the Christian video games released over the years, it’s clear that there is still tremendous opportunity to do something special within this “niche”:


      Taking away any games that spread prejudice (intentionally or not) and edutainment titles, the pickings are very slim.


      The Christian community has been under fire for a while now because we’re not unified and spreading messages of hope, love, and peace. All the fire and brimstone stuff does not make us look good. The whole “you’re either with us or against us” approach is borderline terrorism and is something I feel we need to address.

      That said, I’m excited to see games like ReElise, Heroes Of Issachar, and That Dragon Cancer pave the way for folks that want to deliver compelling messages with fun or at least remarkable experiences. That’s the thing, though: game designers should always place fun first because, if there is no compelling gameplay, your message is better delivered via a short film, feature film, book, comic strips, or just about any other medium.

      What do you guys think? Don’t be shy. Let’s keep the conversation going.

      And, please, respect folks of all walks of life. No judgment here. Keep it constructive. =o)

    • I just commented on this article on HuffPost. It’s great to get recognition but, if you do a search for “Christian video games”, the results are not encouraging. Let’s change this!


      Please comment on this article and the aforementioned pieces, too.

      Let’s spread some positivity! 8)

    • You’re bringing a lot passion to Christian game subject. Keep going with that.

  • In this special web-based edition of The GANG Minute, we’re gonna keep it short and sweet..  Here’s lots of eye candy and people that we absolutely HEART!  If you love video or just hate reading (the ADD is R […]

  • All right, all right, all right!
    We’re right in the thick of E3 and we figured now is as good a time as any to go deeper on what we can expect this year, not just for the expo but for the gaming industry as a […]

    • HUGE news for TESO announced by Bethesda and I got to say: these guys always have a solid presser.. MUCH better than EA, that’s for sure! TESO: One Tamriel promises less barriers to gameplay, which is something we’ve been dreaming of forever.

      One Tamriel means now level requirements, cross-alliance grouping, and, if they can deliver, cross-platform gameplay. This is AMAZING news for MMO fans! They’re also releasing in Japan. I’m stoked, to say the least.. Good bye, free time! =oX

    • Pre-order any version of Dishonored 2 and get the original Dishonored. Man, Bethesda really killed it with their presser. Really excited to see that the new content and features for DOOM were confirmed: two new multiplayer modes, improved map editor, etc. You can also play DOOM and Fallout 4 demos for a limited time!

      Heck, even the Elder Scrolls: Legends card game looks dope… And a Quake MOBA? It could work! Need to see more about Quake: Champions but it is promising! =oD

    • The Microsoft presser is on! Recore really looks good.. Might be one of the only singleplayer games I pick up outside of Mass Effect Andromeda, TBH.. And I may actually be compelled to finish it!

      Final Fantasy XV demo is on now. Looks gorgeous. Not sure how I feel about the real-time combat and QTE. I was one of those weirdos that liked FFXIII’s paradigm system. =oX

    • Minecraft Realms cross-platform play, Limbo free on Xbox One, more Inside and Cuphead teases, candy-coated XBox One controllers… Lots of goodies announced. The XBox Play anywhere confirms our predictions and hopes for cross-platform PLUS cross-buy. I guess they REALLY want us to upgrade to Windows 10!

      We Happy Few might very well fill in the Bioshock void. “OMG – we got a downer!” July 26th the preview is out for those part of the program. Pretty exciting!

      I gotta say that the ID@XBox montages are some of the most exciting things in these marketing events. The indies still show more creativity and commitment to fun thatn the big studios. Oooohhh.. Now a Gwent stand-alone card game announcement? BBL! =oD

    • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 free on XBox One backwards compatibility. Pretty sweet! New Street Fighter X Tekken, oops sorry, Tekken 7 looks good too. Neat-o!

      Oh yeah.. Sign up for this:


      I think I’ll go XBox One. =o)

    • Halo Wars 2 beta – w00t!!

  • Here at GeekyAntics, we like to cover all the things we geeks think about or at least should be aware of. It’s usually fun or useful stuff. Today’s featured article is in the latter camp, thanks to our ongoing […]

    • Most people are not aware of how volatile waste disposal systems are in general – I know I wasn’t! Thanks again to Vince Martin of Martin Septic Services for sharing some of his knowledge and pointing us in the right direction. Also, hello to our friends in Florida, Southern Sanitary Systems!

  • By Rachel Drummond
    If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you may have seen the reports of major bushfires in Victoria. While this is nothing new, it made me think of something that preppers are known for. […]

    • My Emergency Car Bag:

      1. Light
      2. Phone Charger/Battery
      3. Leatherman
      4. Bear-size Pepper Spray
      5. 3 MREs
      6. A gallon of water
      7. Emergency blanket
      8. Roadside Flares
      9. Bible
      10. Woodsman Pal
      11. Some pairs of clean socks and underwear
      12. Work Gloves
      13. Medical Kit

      • Clean socks, Bible, and Leatherman.. Do not underestimate any of these. Reliable light and heat sources are key too. Like matches and the crankable light-radio combos. Whatcha think?

    • It’s a bit of a loaded question/issue, eh? You could say a bug-out bag and EDC are different things. The foremost is more what you bring with you everywhere and the latter is more what you would use if things really get hairy. I’d be curious to see a follow-up discussion about the things we value most. If you could only take so many things with you and had to leave/move suddenly, what would you bring with you? That always makes for an interesting discussion. It’s really hard to be in a position to just let go and start off fresh, after all.

  • Hey, it’s 2016 – Happy New Year, friends, family, and furry forest dwellers!
    Today we have a simple message of hope that we hope will inspire our GANG collaborators, friends, and anyone who may happen to come […]

  • I love all animals but it’s no secret that I have a soft spot for cats.  Here is a brief love letter to cats, the under-appreciated stars of social media and homes around the world.  Don’t forget to take the p […]

    • Yeah that is abusive. I mean, if the you worry about clawing you can buy or build scratching posts. Declawing is okay if they are strictly indoor cats. The problem is that people get pets and then don’t want to spend time with them or be bothered.. That attitude goes on to parenting human children too. It really burns me up!

    • I love me some cats!!!!! It was especially interesting to read about how their purring can help you with various health issues. Makes me want a 2nd lil kitty now ^.^ THANK ya YOGI 4 this wonderful article!

      • YAY Ricka! Not sure how I missed the notification but YES – cats are awesome! Now you are even MORE AWESOME (if that’s even possible) in my book!!!

        Seriously, when folks have a strong distaste or hate for cats, I have to question them as a human being.. I find it is an early warning for insecure, distrusting, or perhaps just shady people. LOL

        Don’t get me wrong: I love all animals. We have cats and dogs in our household.. But cats win for me in the end. =o]

    • Pal, I agree on all counts except for cats and dogs not being able to hang.. Our cats love my American Bulldog/Boxer mix, Lylah.. The other dogs, not so much, but nobody likes those little noisemakers anyway. Darn small dogs always over-compensate! =oX

    • Yeah man. Pets are like kids. They need attention and nurturing. Some folks treat animals like personal possessions and neglect them a lot. Really upsetting.

    • I just want everyone to know that I currently do not trust about 58% of you. =oX

  • Gang, we made it!

    Over two years of Geeky Antics and 100 episodes of HorsePLAY! LIVE.  We could not have done it without you, our fellow geeks!  All the love, encouragement, donations, shout-outs, r […]

    • Hanging out with 50% of Gaming Death!

    • Okay, I’m gonna keep this post up and keep refreshing it until more of you leave comments. I will accept no excuses short off your house being hit by a meteor or losing limbs in a freak accident involving a weed-wacker and dancing moles wearing shades. =oP

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