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  • ThumbnailThis article is one of many follow-ups to our most popular article, The Honest Way To Succeed On Twitch And Social Media – if you love it, please leave comments.  We are considering doing video, eBooks, and other […]

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    • WOOHOO – I opened registration back up just in time.. Welcome to the GANG, pal! Now if I can figure out how to stop the spammers from registering. Good lawd they are clogging up the sidebar. LOL

    • Thank you so much for making it work for me! It was driving me crazy that I couldn’t register. LOL

  • So many great things are going on with the GeekyAntics network.  We’re hitting the front page on web searches, new friends are joining the community every day, potential sponsors are inquiring about our services […]

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    @launashurtleff Welcome to #TheGANG! Refreshing to have non-bots sign up on @GeekyAntics. w00t! #GeeksUnite

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  • ThumbnailGeeks, gamers, friends, countrymen..  Welcome to our biggest giveaway EVER!
    The Geeky Antics network has teamed up with several sponsors and rallied our Twitch stream team to bring you the most HYPE giveaway […]

    • For rizzles.. Though I am surprised that over $200 worth of prizes is not getting folks to pull the trigger. I bet you folks did not read to see that there are more prizes beyond what the first image shows. LOL

      Hmmm.. Maybe I should whip up a better default image that shows the estimated value of all the prizes? Gotta make it DERP-PROOF. ;o)

      • We’re gaining tons of momentum with the #MEGAWESOME promotional campaign so now there will be a giveaway open to everyone who comments on this post. We’re giving away a copy of the Star Wars Humble Bundle, thanks to ObioneX2!


        We’ll be doing more mini and live giveaways.. Stay tuned for other incentives. I’m dabbling with fun ideas like doing voice tracks, drawings, and other fun rewards that are not traditional prizes. LMK what you guys would get excited about! =oD

      • can you set it to rotate the images

        • Andy and I are working on repurposing PaperClip and SmushIt so we can compress images and load pages faster, plus rotate and crop on-the-fly. Hopefully we can get that rolled out in a couple of months. Lots on the development road map right now, including Twitch API integration, certified referral & premium services, a sponsors/affiliates page, and our “Hall Of Heroes”. 8)

    • didn’t even see this down here Yogi you may want to move this up to above related topics

      • That’s a good idea. Still rearranging stuff to experiment. Comments are usually at the very bottom but I can see where the ads and related links could throw off things. Quite a bit of white space there. LOL

    • Awesome! thank you guys ^^

    • Yu Gi Oh is a different breed of game than MTG both involve heavy deck building but Yu Gi Oh decks run on auto pilot anymore so there is less player interaction also the owners of YuGiOh were not interested in using their own resources to make a game that site was fan made then became endorsed. Duels of the Planeswalkers was made by Wizards of the Coast.

      • The YuGiOh online game from Konami is really good once you can get past the micro transactions. I’d love to see more games like 5Ds Decade Duels or whatever it was called. Something that has online play and a small buy in. You know? 8)

    • Don’t forget to tell your friends about the #MEGAGIVEAWAY when you see them that spreads the word to.

      • YES! It’ll get our sponsors really happy once we hit 1K, 10K, and 100K entries. We still have plenty of time to go. The more people enter and share, the better the events, promotions, prizes, and incentives will get.

        Also, don’t forget to earn your daily entries and use #MEGAAWESOME whenever talking about what we’re doing. Let’s get that HYPE TRAIN really going! =oD

    • Hi Yogi 😀

    • Here are the unique peeps who have left comments here and qualify for the Star Wars Humble Bundle.. So far. Get those comments in before it’s too late!

      1. Spathizilla
      2. Yogizilla
      3. Lord_Rakdos
      4. Believe
      5. Mehdi
      6. Kevin Li
      7. Kevin from WRS Podcast

      If I win, I’ll likely just use it for a future giveaway. Honestly don’t have much time for gaming these days! We will announce the winner either on EP65 or 66 of HorsePLAY! LIVE. Stay tuned as we may extend entry periods to give more peeps a chance (plus offset some of the outages and technical hiccups we’ve had lately).

      Thanks to ObioneX2 for providing this awesome prize!!

    • More people need to comment. do it now

    • I WANT FREE STUFF!!!!!

      • Okay so this comment is credited to Kevin. Lol.. Better get Andy and Robbie to comment too or they will miss out on a chance at Star Wars pwnage !

      • Kevin from WRS Podcast is entry #7. We’ll do the pull tonight for Star Wars Humble Bundle. The main promotion ends next Thursday on Episode 67 of HorsePLAY! LIVE so don’t forget to tell-a-friend and earn more entries – DAILY! You can earn at least an additional three entries just by sharing through the Rafflecopter widget.

        Big thanks to our sponsors, including Rafflecopter, The Spartan Show, Worst Radio Show, ShinyPrints.com, Studio Bean, The B-Team, Zombie Cast, JanelNo5, etc. 8)

        Visit http://geekyantics.net/sponsors for a list of our sponsors. Supporting them helps us out too.. Plus you get to check out some awes

    • Congrats to Spathizilla a.k.a. Andy on winning the Star Wars Humble Bundle! Also, grats to Alby for winning Mount Your Friends. Thanks to Obi for making these giveaways possible. Also, everyone seems to want the dongers now! =oP

    • You’re the best Jamie! Oh yes.. That other place. One day we will share our memoirs or at least some good anecdotes. Lol

      BTW, we’ll be redrawing the Star Wars Humble Bundle so leave a comment here if you want in. Andy wanted you guys to have it. 8)

    • We’re re-drawing the Star Wars Humble Bundle. Here are the entries thus far:

      1. Spathizilla
      2. Yogizilla
      3. Lord_Rakdos
      4. Believe
      5. Mehdi
      6. Kevin Li
      7. Kevin from WRS Podcast
      8. AlbyDumbleDork
      9. Q-Tip
      10. STEADYthrust
      11. PorkChop

    • 12. Jamie

      Whoops… Mis-counted! MB

    • Congrats, Mehdi! Star Wars Humble Bundle for you!

    • That is awesome! Andy and I made a lot of friends through Social Prize. It’s a shame our partners decided to go in a different direction. It happens.

      Don’t worry about missing the giveaway window. There will be plenty more. Our sponsors are awesome. Really excited about the opportunities opening up!

    • Hahah.. Shameless PSN card site plug. Love you silly bots!

    • You are awesome Jamie! You should make your profile pic the Break one. Love that photo. =o)

    • Congrats again to Andrew Murray, a.k.a. Lord_Rakdos, for not only winning the grand prize pot but also qualifying for one of the unlocked/milestone rewards. Cupcakenoms, JanelNo5, CrzyOne/Mehdi, and many others won special surprise giveaways, too – w00t!

      Thanks to all our wonderful sponsors and supporters: The B-Team Podcast, Worst Radio Show, F8tl_Blades, ObioneX2, Cupcakenoms, The Spartan Show, JanelNo5, Jason Brant, Studio Bean, Hi-Rez Studios, etc.

      Thanks to MorganaFreya, who joined #TheGANG and recently donated copies of Don’t Starve Together, Age Of Empires II, and Tabletop Simulator for our community. You guys are AWESOME! =oD

  • ThumbnailWith AGDQ2015 ending soon, I am surprised to find myself experiencing a rush of unexpected emotions.  I feel sadness, excitement, hope, intrigue, and perhaps some confusion.  There’s only a few hours left in the […]

  • I just had the pleasure of enjoying a heart-felt article written by Alister Kennedy of 42 Level One and Star Wars RebelsCast UK.  It is so authentic and moving that I felt I really needed to open up more myself […]

  • ThumbnailWARNING:  If you are offended by strong language or sexual inuendo, do not read ahead..  And sorry.
    Do you love french toast?  Maybe you love breakfast food?  This is the recipe for you guys!

    I stumbled across […]

  • “Wow, Tamara, you’ve really invested a lot into your business and it shows! The new logo and print materials look fantastic.. And the new chairs and marble counters are really snazzy! You even got a new telephone […]

  • Happy Halloween!
    I know it’s a little early but the coming weeks will be very busy for us on the network.  We’ll be with our families and catching up on projects here and there..  Don’t worry: while we may not be […]

    • did you find that art on the web or did some one from the GANG do it

      • It was from the actual WSC event. Some fine folks that we will likely be working with as advertising partners. Also check out Paintings By Dimitry Walker and Unlikely Heroes on Facebook. Fantastic work there!

  • UPDATE:  Had some tech issues.  All sorted out now.  This was supposed to be a early morning piece.  My bad!

    Day One of Walker Stalker Con was pretty darn awesome.  It’s already almost time to head back but […]

    • Thanks Liz!

      I think your thoughts there represent the majority. I feel that it’s a missed opportunity. People may actually appreciate the event more if they are aware of the history and have at least listen to some podcasts. It’s inspiring to know that Eric & James started this thing as a simple fan meetup and it’s grown so much.

      To put it into perspective, I believe their first event they excpected 1K attendees, they got around 25K. This year, 35K. Dragon Con gets around 95K and San Diego Comic-Con is up there too. WSC is already shaping up to be one of the biggest conventions in the world!

      You’re right on point: it’s only been two years! CRAZY!! My concern is that, as the con grows, it’ll be less about the fans as a whole and more about the hardcore fans. What makes this con special is how warm it is. It feels open, as if we all have access. The first year was more so. This year, not so much but that’s part of the expected growing pains. I’m excited to see how WSC evolves for sure! 8)

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