Meet The GANG: Gaming Death Podcast & EP 100 Party On June 12th 2014! #E32014

We’d like to officially welcome the Gaming Death Podcast crew to the GANG, right here on!  If you’ve been following HorsePLAY! LIVE, you know we plug them often.  We love what GDP is doing that we have cut back on the amount of news and releases we cover on HorsePLAY.  If you want unapologetic gaming talk that runs the full gamut of content, GDP is for you!

Chris Gannon, the GDP ringleader, shares this welcome:

Come join us on this magic carpet ride of rambunctiousness, liberation, and the occasional bag of dicks.

In case you missed it, we did a little HorsePLAY-GDP crossover episode to welcome them properly.  It was fun.  Obi joins in towards the end, too.  Crazy things happen when we join like Voltron, y0!


As you can see in the featured image, Transistor is kind of a big deal.
The GDP crew was amongst the first to cover the game before and after it’s release.  I highly recommend reading the Transistor review on – Chris Gannon, the GDP ringleader, did a fantastic job of capturing the essence.  Rapture?  Yes, please!

We’re honored to have such great content under the Geeky Antics brand.  If you haven’t caught GDP yet, here are some of the crew’s favorite episodes.  This is also a sort of GDP timeline, too!

Before I get lost in all my zeal, don’t forget to check out the coming Episode 99.5, which will air LIVE Tuesday, June 10th 2014 at 9pm (tentatively) EDT over at the GamingDeath and GeekyAntics Twitch channels.  This one is going to cover E3 Day 0 and 1, plus the obligatory predictions, I’m sure!

Don’t forget to join us June 10th 2014 for late-breaking E3 coverage and obligatory analysis – SEE ABOVE!

We’ve shared some of the episodes and articles you should check out.  I know you’ll enjoy them as much as I have.  Now, let’s look at the people that make GDP so special…


Chris Gannon, The Ringleader

Mr. Deathofnation himself is the ringleader and visionary driving  Gaming Death.  Like many gaming veterans, Chris feels that the gaming industry as we know it is dying..  Yet it is being reborn.

Chris is a former Microsoft loyalist converted to PS4.  He shows love to all gaming platforms and makes his business to try out all games, no matter how obscure or mainstream they may be.  His goal is to make Gaming Death one of the premeire sources for unbiased, objective, high-energy video game news, reviews, previews, analysis…  with a healthy serving of witty commentary.

Chris’ approach to gaming journalism is very gonzo.  I dig that.  He just lets it all rip out like a good fart.  I love that they can have a sophomoric tone then suddenly go into more mature, serious discussions.  That is the very essence of Geeky Antics – we love passionate, authentic geeks!

Dear Chris, as a Magic The Gathering fan, why aren’t you playing more Hearthstone?  We need to jam on that and stream together y0! *wink-wink, nudge-nudge*

Kaleb Medel

Kaleb Medel, The Wordsmith

If you love quick wit and a penchant for wordsmithing (and proper grammar), you’ll RRRUUUUVVVVV Kaleb.  As a latino, it’s refreshing to see some repesentation in the gaming industry.  Kaleb is not great simply because he is part of a minority but it does provide a fresh perspective and really rounds out the GDP crew.

Kaleb has a nice latino twang to his voice which makes his snappy retorts all the more fun to listen to.  I enjoy the way he challenges and ammends what the rest of the cast has to share.  Every discussion with Kaleb is an insightful or at least humorous one.

Also, Kaleb has the hook-up on SWAG and freebies.  Hook us up, Kaleb!  Muhaha!


Dawn Bernard, The Lawbringer

Every team needs at least one woman to maintain order.  This is especially true with podcasts, where shows can easily become brocasts with tons of T&A, toilet humor (and poop stories), and boys being boys.  Dawn is just that for the Gaming Death Podcast: she maintains order and brings the conversations back to a focal point when things start to derail too much.

Dawn is a talented graphic designer and created the minimalist GDP logo.  This logo is brilliant because it reflects the simple, no-frills approach that Gaming Death has perfected over the years.  When I look at the logo, I see darkness pierced by light..  Things may be bleak for the gaming industry yet there is hope!


Hollowblade, The Canadian Silent Bob

Hollow is representative of a typical kind of gamer we see today: the jaded, cynical gamer that doesn’t believe something has potential until he tries it for himself.  Hollow likes to give the rest of the GDP cast a hard time by objecting and doubting often.  This dynamic works well because it leads to some very heated yet constructive debates.

When Hollow is not trolling, he is essentially the Silent Bob of the show.  It’s entertaining watching the GDP crew find ways to bring Hollow into the discussion.  Bwahaha!  Hollow, we’re giving you a hard time out of love.  We heart your lazy Canadian behind!

Hollow is also the resident fighting game fan.  This makes for some great contrast when Dawn and Chris are thrown into the mix.  Hey, how come Dead Or Alive and Soul Caliber don’t get enough love?  Sure, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat are dope but there are tons of fighters to love on, guys!


Jake McClenehan, The Loveable Hipster

NeoJake and I get along really well because we can both be salty dogs about mainstream, over-rated stuff.  Some would call us hipsters but we are just selective.  Really, we give every game a chance but the hype and the reality rarely line up.

When Jake is not busy being a loveable hipster, he is composing original tracks and theme music.  You may have heard some of his music.  Both Gaming History 101 and the Gaming Death Podcast use his themes.  I love the retro-style music, especially when it is sprinkled in with some SEGA flava!

Jake loves retro games and should be joining us for #RetroFriday fun soon.  That’s a big WIN in my book.  Anyone that appreciates retro and indie games gets mad props.

Why I Love Gaming Death

To sum it all up, I love the diverse team that GDP is rocking.  The recent addition of NeoJake adds even more variety to their content and discussions.  These guys are great and I am not saying that just because they are part of our network.

To think that other networks gave Chris and gang the run-around.  Their loss is our gain.  You guys are honest, passionate, eccentric, and just plain awesome.  It’s no surprise you have such avid, loyal fans and brand ambassadors.

So, if you want a video game show that covers a wide variety of gaming experiences and throws in plenty of laughs, randomness, and round table discussions, look no further.  These guys treat their fans well, which is more than you can say for some of the top-rated video game shows out there (you know who you are).  GDP is one of the oldest active gaming podcasts out there right now and they stay humble, driven, and fresh.

Keep on rocking on, Gaming Death crew, and welcome to the #GANG – we are beyond stoked to have you!

Get Your GDP & E3 2014 Fix! #E3Live

Don’t forget – we’ll have more E3 coverage coming throughout the week.  Be sure to tune into the Geeky Antics and Gaming Death channels on Twitch.  Tuesday night on June 10th 2014 then Thursday night on June 12th 2014 are going to mark EPIC milestones for GDP with episodes 99.5 and 100!

Already a fan of Gaming Death?  What are your favorite show episodes or site articles/videos?


Hello, my name is Yomar but friends call me Yogi!I am the founder of GANG.My goal is to help the little geeks create a voice for themselves and grow their audience without the usual exclusivity and snobbery found in the world, both offline and online.My background is in IT, marketing, writing, and game design.I'm excited to put my diverse skill sets to some good use and help others!

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Hello, my name is Yomar but friends call me Yogi! I am the founder of GANG. My goal is to help the little geeks create a voice for themselves and grow their audience without the usual exclusivity and snobbery found in the world, both offline and online. My background is in IT, marketing, writing, and game design. I'm excited to put my diverse skill sets to some good use and help others!


  1. Chris Gannon scares me. 😛
    Stan Faryna recently posted…Can we be true?My Profile

    • Yeah, he’s got that creeper vibe to him but we love him regardless. I just worry he’s a little too obsessed with the bags of dicks. LOL.. Now let’s see how long before he comes back with a snarky retort.

      Love you Chris and GANG crew!!

  2. Welcome to GANG!
    Stan Faryna recently posted…Can we be true?My Profile

    • INDEED!

      What better to officially welcome the GDP crew than to launch a new site? It’s been quite the eventful month. Make sure you guys check out EP99.5 and 100 of The Gaming Death Podcast, then follow it up with EP26 of HorsePLAY! LIVE. We did the obligatory E3 coverage and went into our usual random rants and shenanigans.

      Good times, good times. 8)

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