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NISM - National Institute Of Social Media - Certified Social Media Professional

Below are our core team members and their primary services/experience.  Through our network, you have access to  thousands of trusted service professionals in the following areas of expertise (just to name a few):


– Social Media & Community Management
– Email & Direct Marketing
– Coaching For Career Shifters & Startup Owners
– Content Creation & Marketing
– Inbound Marketing
– Traditional Marketing & Media
– Public Relations
– Graphic Design
– Systems Administration
– Security Audits & Hardening
– UI Design & UX Optimization
– Resume Building & Personal Branding
– Lean Startups & Efficiency Systems
– Branding & Brand Management

The price list below will give you a general idea of what to expect when investing in your business and launching products/promotions.  We are open to negotiating monthly SLA (Service Level Agreement) contracts and flat-rate projects to accommodate small businesses and lean startups because we know how it is when you have a limited budget or are bootstrapping a project.  More importantly, we’ll work closely with you to show clear paths to revenue and that elusive ROI.

We’re establishing a formal directory of endorsed local providers for those whom prefer working with someone in the immediate area.  If you’re interested in participating in our screening and endorsement process to be added to the directory in the future, please contact us with our feedback form.  There will be a small referral fee for sending you clients.  This fee will be more if we take an active role in project management and customer support.  Details on this new system will be announced as soon as 2015 Q1.


Why Pay A Premium For Your Online Efforts?

No one makes it alone.  Our professionals have decades of experience but, even here at GeekyAntics, we rely on the community, partners, and outside consultants to push forward.  Doing things alone or “on the cheap” can be very costly in the long run because of the following reasons:

  • You will have to pay to have someone redo/fix things the right way.
  • The downtime and interruption to your business will be more expensive than if you invested the money the first time around.
  • DIY marketing and content creation often results in high burn-out and turnover rates, greatly reducing your  retention and reliability ratings.
  • DIY reduces quality and keeps you from focusing on your core business.
  • Without proper marketing and content strategies, you are likely engaging in busy work that’s costing your organization time and money.
  • If you’re not delegating work, you’re barely scraping by and limiting yourself.
  • Quality suffers greatly when you have use budget services like Fiverr and non-native English speakers to produce your content.
  • Without someone fully-invested in your success, communication also suffers, creating a disconnect between your marketing and execution.

Working with others will not only make you more successful but also help you sustain momentum.  Even the most experienced and successful organizations can benefit from outside perspective, dedicated staff, and a little extra help.  The question is not “do you need managed services” but, rather, “do you believe in your brand enough to truly invest in it?”


Specialized Services For Twitch Streamers & Content Marketers

The GeekyAntics Network pwns the #1 most-searched Twitch-related content and other top searches on Google.  We’d love to share that visibility with talented streamers and Twitch-related service providers!

Our content appears at the top of several Google searches - w00t!

Our content appears at the top of several Google searches – w00t!

You have custom graphics, killer hardware, a steady streaming schedule, and social media accounts.  Now what?  Roughly 85% of Twitch streamers do not fully understand social media, business administration, or marketing.  Most of them will fail because they have the wrong attitude or focus on the wrong things, unless they endure several months of grinding and disappointment.  What’s your strategy?  How do you plan to grow?  What will keep you motivated?  We can help you with these questions and much more!

*All rates are negotiable.  We work with businesses and brands of all sizes.  Ask us what you need – we’ll point you in the right direction!

Yomar Lopez

With over 15 years of experience in business consulting, specializing in information systems, new media, and marketing, Yomar is passionate about creating a more competitive business landscape.  He believes in improving product quality and brand sentiment through improved customer service, authentic messaging, and uniform strategies.

Yomar’s core philosophies revolve around “function over form” (think UX) and staying lean.  If you want to create sustainable momentum and growth, his insights can help you greatly.  Yomar has often identified that the #1 detriment to business growth is not nurturing the organic opportunities.  What does this mean?  He’ll help you work with the resources you have today while helping you plan for the future.

Are you ready to create a remarkable story for your business or personal brand(s)?

1. Ghostwriting – Need content?  Can’t develop quality content consistently enough?  Yomar has written content ranging from blog posts to marketing copy to published books.  This content can be created with your brand at the forefront (i.e. Yomar is not credited as an author, at an additional premium).

Rate:  Varies Per Project (research, editing, revisions, word count, and other requirements)

2. Web Site Optimization – Take your web site beyond a static, lifeless brochure.  Enhance your web site so it generates results, increases brand awareness, and helps you grow your audience.  Drive value for and increase the loyalty of your consumers.  Build a site that’s worth revisiting and sharing!

Rate:  Starting at $250/monthIncludes reports with key metrics and actionable insights!

3. Social Media Strategy – Yomar is certified by the NISM (National Institute of Social Media) and advisory board member for one of the nation’s top authorities on social media.  He also designed a major portion of the original exam and curriculum.

Rate:  $50/hour – Bulk rates and SLAs available and strongly encouraged!

4. Social Media Audit & Marketing Plan – Being active online and on social media is great but heading in the right direction is even better.  With our audits, we’ll look at your current audience, marketing channels, performance metrics, and more to custom tailor a marketing plan that includes realistic goals and a sustainable content strategy to keep your business running lean.  We’ll help you repeat past successes and identify new opportunities so you keep growing and minimize needless “busy work”.  While this may be an expensive initiative, we guarantee that the time and costing savings will be significant and it will provide long-term value.

Rate:  Starting at $800/assessment – FREE consultation available!

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NISM Advisory Committee 2017

Stan Faryna

Stan has a keen eye for branding and production value.  His services take an end-to-end approach to improving the profitability, effectiveness, and brand integrity for businesses of any size.  He has experience working with multi-million dollar operations and “mama and papa shops”.  If you need an objective consultant and business advisor who can get you back on track, Stan is your man.  Start making progress instead of excuses.

Is your business worth the investment?  Of course it is!

1. Project Management – Industry-leading, Multimillion Dollar Efforts with Global-Large-Formal Committee (or BOD) Oversight to Intense and Fast Solopreneur/Start Up Bids for New Marketshare

Rate:  $50/hour

2. Business Planning and Writing – Organizational Meta and Policies, Corporate Communications, Brand Strategy, Proposals and RFPs, Stakeholder Relations, etc.

Rate:  $250/hour

3. Online Strategy – Top to bottom: Organizational Road Maps to Winning Campaigns

Rate:  $50 to $75/hour

4. Content Development – Creative Direction, Writing and Rapid-Spry Executions

Rate:  $25/hour

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Andy Fewtrell

Andy has worked with a wide variety of companies, including video game studios, Internet startups, and online communities/social networks.  His experience ranges from Information Technology to Business Development to Software Design.  If you need an objective consultant and business advisor who can get you back on track, Andy is your man.  No excuses.

Protect your investment by hardening security and improving the efficiency, flexibility, and longevity of your technology infrastructure!

1. Security Audit – Millions of web sites are vulnerable to spam, exploitation, and hacking.  While security is not 100%, security audits can help you find areas where you can improve security without compromising the user experience and/or performance.  Go beyond CAPTCHA images and forced registration which often scare users away.

Rate:  $500/audit

2. Web Site Troubleshooting – Got a bug or performance issue you can’t figure out alone?  Andy is your man.  Clean up your code and tighten up your site’s framework.

Rate:  $50 to $100/hour

3. eCommerce – Want to keep your customers on your site by enabling eCommerce (shopping cart, checkout, etc.) natively?  We can implement, test, and monitor a custom-made or framework-driven eCommerce solution for your site.

Rate:  $50 to $100/hour

4. Contingency Planning & Backup Systems – What would you do if your web server crashed today and all your data was lost?  How would it impact your business or brand?  We are often shocked by how many of our colleagues and clients do not have an answer for this.  Be prepared by developing contingency plans and backup systems because it’s not IF technology will fail but, rather, WHEN.

Rate:  $25 to $50/hour

5.  Database Management – There is tons of junk data slowing down web sites all the time.  Managing your database to improve site performance and functions is key to improving the user experience and search engine rankings alike.  We can help you develop queries and processes to stay ahead of the ongoing maintenance.  Andy is also very adept at consolidating/merging databases, migrating data, and deleting orphan data.

Rate:  $25 to $100/hour

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Referral Service & Endorsed Providers Directory

If you need more specialized services or we are over-booked, we can refer you to one of hundreds of fully-endorsed third parties.  These are folks we have pre-screened for you and/or worked with before, ensuring only the highest quality products.

Get listed in our directory to be included in our referral network.  We also offer ad space at a monthly cost for those looking to ramp up their business.  For details, contact Yomar using our feedback form.