Hall of Heroes

What Is The Hall Of Heroes?

We consider everyone on this page a patron and a hero because they help us keep doing what we love.  The Hall Of Heroes is where we feature our affiliates, sponsors, and partners.  For those not familiar with fancy marketing jargon, this is the difference:

  • Affiliates – Those who offer special deals, products, and services to our community.  They pay us AFTER a transaction is complete.  The revenue here comes in the form of offers and sales completions.
  • Sponsors – Those who do the same as above, except they fund us up front.  Sponsors are like traditional patrons of the arts.
  • Partners – These are sponsors who have a fully-vested interest in our success.  This may include other networks or communities who cross-promote us and collaborate in deeper ways.
  • Donors – The fine folks who sponsor us but don’t expect advertising or anything else in exchange.

This is also where we feature our biggest supporters and friends because, without you, we don’t have a community!  Scroll down to check out #TheGANG (friends and family), partners, affiliates, and special offers.


Featured Sponsors

The Puppet Farm PRESENTS Trumpty Dumpty The YouTube Puppet Show - http://puppet.farm

ReElise Hip-Hop Retro-Style JRPG - A Christian Game For Everyone - Now On Kickstarter!

Unified Combat League (UCL) | Fighting Games, MMA, Competitions & MORE!
J!NX - Friends Of #TheGANG - Quality Geek & Gamer Apparel Since 1999

http://shinyprints.com – Add style to your home and wow your loved ones.  Level up your photographs or create works of art that can survive the test of time.  These are gifts that last forever.  Even better, all prints and wall art are made of environmentally-friendly metal.

http://rafflecopter.com – Twitch streamers, live giveaways are great but the benefits are short-lived.  Rafflecopter helps you grow your audience throughout all your social media channels and keep them engaged.  Try it out today – FREE giveaway options available right now!

http://amaudiomedia.com/ – AM Audio Media, the fine folks behind the Doctor Who Dark Journey radio drama.  Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor join forces!


Partner Networks


From the creators of G4TV and the purveyors of space-age ice cream comes one of the oldest podcast networks and gaming sites around.  Some of the biggest names in the industry are on or got their start on AllGames: Video Game Outsiders, ZombieCast, Gaming History 101, R9Cast, Cat & Fox, and The B-Team Podcast.

The Tangent-Bound Network/Podcast

A partnership-centric network that takes a categorical/topical approach to content by employing channels, ad-free software, and syndication to remove the barriers between creative and consumers.  Channels include Business/Professional, Video Games & Tabletop Gaming, Pop Culture, Sports, Comedy, and the obligatory catch-all category, Nerd/Geek.  Tune into the self-titled flagship show for the network, The Tangent-Bound Podcast, for details on upcoming conventions, crossovers, and other projects.  Hey, maybe we can make CastCon a thing!

Musings Of A Geek Podcast/Network

They have the TARDIS as their site’s favicon.  Need we say more?  AWESOME SAUCE!  Okay, okay..  Check out Musings Of A Geek for content heavily centered around fandoms such as comic books, movies, and, of course, Doctor Who.  They also have a sad robot and sometimes kilts.


#TheGANG – Friends & Family

The Worst Radio ShowThe B-Team Podcast Logo42 Level 1 - Gaming Talk With Euro Pizazz    R9Cast With Esgee & BrigitteB - Tiltowait!365Flicks Podcast - Pissy Movie, TV, and Video Game Reviews

AM Audio Media | Doctor Who Dark Journey Radio Drama |http://amaudiomedia.com/subscribeCupcakenoms - Veronica - The most beautiful, sweet treat on Twitch!zombie-cast-net-matt-mogk-zombie-research-society-zcast-logo-HD  Christine Wilson a.k.a. Cupcakeeenvy a.k.a. CupcakeEnvy a.k.a. CupcakeEnvyLIVEGaming History 101 Logo - iTunes

F8TLBLADES | The Gaming Ninja | GeekyAntics Stream Team | http://twitch.tv/F8TLBLADES Studio Bean - Creators of Choice Chamber!

Skull Skill Studios | Tampa, FL Indie Game Studio | Skull Skill Studios | Theory Georgiou


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The people that support us in other wonderful ways!

Affiliate Offers

These help us pay our bills while supporting cool businesses!  No pressure.

No Scope Gaming Glasses | ObioneX2 Sponsor | GeekyAntics Affiliate

GG Wear | Geek & Gamer Apparel | ObioneX2 Sponsor | GeekyAntics Affiliate

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G2A.com Affiliate Program | G2A Goldmine

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Shiny Prints | Metal Wall Art & Aluminum Photo Prints | For Artists, Photographers, Resellers, and Fans

ShinyPrints | Metal Art, Metal Prints, and Collage Maker App!

Rafflecopter | Giveaway Solution For Everyone | The Better To Do Twitch Stream Giveaways

Rafflecopter – Because live giveaways are for newbs.

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