What is the root of toxicity? Is it serious?

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    Tomorrow for our #TWTT Tea Time Topic we are going DEEP on toxicity. Below are some of our talking points, straight from our show notes. My questions for all of you is this:

      How can we approach conflict and failure more positively?
      What is commonly the root of toxicity, in your experience?
      Is toxicity a serious concern for you or do you ignore it?

    My thoughts are simple: if we do not stop the vicious cycle *WE* are part of the problem. If we just exercise a little common courtesy, compassion, and rationale in everyday situations, we can accomplish so much more together. We can build stronger bonds and communities. We can create content that inspires and uplifts. We can win battles and celebrate even the smallest victories!

    Okay.. That’s all for now. See you tomorrow at noon EST, 9am PST, 5pm in London.. And somewhere in the world it’ll be much later or earlier but it’s always a good time for tea (or coffee). =o)

    What is toxicity? First, it goes beyond just one-off BM (bad manners). There are distinct flavors and degrees but the common thread is a failure too see how detrimental the behavior is. Toxicity is venomous by definition: it spreads ignorance and ill will like a plague.
    Toxicity is not just in gaming or online communities. We all deal with it as writers, content creators, inventors, broadcasters, podcasters, game designers, etc. Part of dealing with it is killing people with kindness and taking criticism with a grain of salt.
    It’s not always people that are trolls are griefers .
    RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
    Try to understand what is really driving the behavior. Don’t just assume as that is at the heart of toxicity. Common roots are:
    Had A Bad Day
    Nobody Listens
    Sore Loser (Ironic)
    Close Mindedness
    Break the vicious cycle.
    Misery loves company.
    Productive vs. Knee-jerk Reactions
    Judge the action not the person.
    Team opportunities.
    Offer sincere support.
    Thank folks for feedback.
    Self-Accountability – Own your mistakes and embrace opportunities. Set the example.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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