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    Amidst all the Summer madness, I’ve been brainstorming with Spathizilla and trusted Twitch streamers to figure out what it is that lacks natively in the Twitch ecosystem. An opportunity all streamers have is taking the engagement off-channel and keeping momentum going when they are not streaming. Another issue they have is getting the initial spike of engagement which results in growth of audience.

    To address these opportunities, we have two initiatives in the works:

    1. Twitch Raids – Let’s start a list of our favorite Twitch streamers. We’ll focus on the ones that really need the help growing and retaining their audience. From there, we’ll coordinate Twitch raids and encourage simultaneous Twitch channel viewing to help everyone out. We’ll involve our own channels too, of course, but let’s reach out to new streamers!
    2. Crowdfunded Giveaways – We have tons of Steam games in our gift inventory so why not put that to good use? If we all throw prizes into the pot, we can promote our social media channels, Twitch channels, and more. Again, this will be aimed at a community outreach and network expansion but it’ll also help us out with our individual projects, too!

    I hope that, in doing this, we could expand our official GANG Twitch Stream Team, identify new podcast hosts, and have some contributions on the GeekyAntics YouTube and Twitch channels. Here are some of the Twitch folks I’d love to see participate (including some of the GANG): DocRoeGames, ObioneX2, GamingDeath, R9Cast, AllGamesNetworkVideo, Spydersvenom, IAmDreamWing, TricesIsMe, Dwergje, Pufffinn, Janel_No5, Mnalicious, etc.

    Note that while we will throw our support behind anyone that wants in, we want to focus on Twitch streamers who are NOT partnered or at least do not have a team or network association. This is key because it helps to have a collective to work with so that we CAN run our channels at a professional capacity. Hopefully we can make some waves and show the Twitch Partners Program that there’s more to the criteria than success with video. Many of us have huge social media followings but need unification to gain real traction on Twitch, due to their inherent design flaws.

    What do you guys think? Also, we may very well make Twitch Raids into an app and web portal. The design specs and prototypes we have are unique. It’s amazing how little you can do on Twitch natively and even the third-party platforms (e.g. Moobot, Nightbot, Stream Donations, eSportsTop100, etc.) miss the big picture. They focus so much on the competitive scene, technical aspects, and volume but what about the engagement, personality types, conversion rates, and other metrics/areas that really matter, regardless of your channel’s size/status?

    Let’s discuss, fellow Twitch streamers!

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    Stan Faryna

    Raids are good. Rewards for raiders might be interesting. 1 Raid point for a raid. 20 Raid points for a raid. It’s a beautiful circle of logic. Don’t you agree?



    Points would be neat but the inherent value should be made clear: streamers grow their audiences and viewers get to find channels that they can truly enjoy. For many die-hard Twitch viewers, it’s exciting to be a part of a channel’s growth and feel like you had part in pioneering that. It’s bragging rights.. makes you feel proud! =oD


    Stan Faryna

    Where’s the raid schedule?



    No official raid schedule yet but we should definitely talk about hosting select channels. First, we’ll start with our official Twitch Stream Team (see private board, team) then our favorite non-GANG streamers like Obezianka, IAmDreamWing, Dwergje, and JanelNo5.

    It will be much easier to host than to coordinate raids so I recommend our busy streamers to host streams when they are offline. It adds value to your channel, provides variety to your audience, and supports our fellow streamers. A REAL win-win-win scenario!

    I’m dealing with some Internet issues. The 100-foot CAT5e cable I had going from the router to my man cave had a short (hence the inconsistent Internet issues) and finally died. Don’t really have the budget to spare but can’t deal with wireless. I am getting around 3-5MB up/down. Terribad!

    That said, I’ll be hosting lots of streams while I am not really able to stream for the next couple of days. I should be back up by Thursday. Amazon Prime OP!

    Any channels you want us to host on GeekyAntics, guys?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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