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    The Spartan Show


    We are a live talk show dedicated to controversial gaming topics. We have a talk show, lets play, and table top session. We are also a proud member of UBN and partner of Geeky Antics!

    Feel free to check us out on and follow us on twitter @thespartanshow



    Hi Spartan Show! You guys are very entertaining.



    Mike in the house – WOOHOO!

    Mike, we may need to work on refining that elevator pitch / short description. Compared to HorsePLAY! LIVE and The Worst Radio Show, you guys are G-rated so the controversial part may be misleading?

    I say this because Mike runs a tight ship and keeps things from getting.. Awkward. Those that listen to our GANG podcasts know everything outside of TWTT and AAO can get a bit.. Interesting. LOL

    The official United Broadcasting Network team.. Thus far!

    Super excited to have the GeekyAntics Network and our stream team collaborating with The Spartan Show and WRS to level the playing field on Twitch. Big things int the future!

    Also, I’m proud to say that we are amongst the first to do actual podcasts on Twitch. I swear lots of people are copying us now. No salt… But it’s funny when you see direct rip-offs and no credit given. The hunger on Twitch is REAL! ;o)


    The Spartan Show

    Yogizilla, young padawan. Don’t be foolish and hasty. It is possible to be controversial and clean at the same time. The difference is just a mere thought of who you want to include in your target audience my dear boy.

    If it helps, you can imagine all the R-rated lingo during our stream. We give you the opportunity to use your imagination. In this line of business we shouldn’t exclude possible listeners based on the lack of control.

    I hope within the next five minutes the tasteful cleanliness and G-rated contents of this post swirl around in your thoughts like a tornado on the rampage. Perhaps even an innocent bystander is reading this and will be engulfed in a mighty internal flame war with them self.

    Now let us take a few moments to see if you feel it..

    – . .. few more moments now..

    – . .. you should be noticing something by now.

    – .. Alright, you win! My intellectual attempt has no effect on the feeble-minded.

    Let me invite you to watch the next episode of The Spartan Show “I Guess We’re Not Controversial Enough..” on Saturday FEB 7th 2014 @ 5PM PST -follow the koolaid



    Welcome Guys love the show hope to work with you guys if you need anything that i can do please let me know.



    Better late than never… =oX

    So, yes, I agree that some shows try too hard to be controversial. Using strong language actually devalues the strength of words. I am with you, man! I like to give our hosts the wiggle room but, ideally, I like to keep it PG so it’s more accessible for a wider audience. A good example is Timey-Wimey Tea Time, which has evolved into more of a show about the creative process and fandoms as a whole, not just Doctor Who.

    Anywho, for those curious: Mike and The Spartan Show are very much alive. I’m hoping we can collaborate in more significant ways in the future. Mike, don’t forget we are here for you. Don’t try to do it all by yourself! =o]

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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