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    For our fellow Clan NoF peeps – GREETINGS NIPS!

    Football (the REAL football LOL) season is coming soon. Within 30-45 days, one of our oldest traditions starts up again – Nipples Of Fate fantasy football! If you are not a Nip (yet), we usually do PPR with bonuses to defensive plays and yardage.

    If you want to join us, simply PM me, Yogizilla, here or on Twitter.

    While Clan NoF does not really do formal competition or “cash events”, we still enjoy social gaming events and this is the one thing we never miss. We’d love to expand our clan and re-connect with old friends. Even if you are not an expert on football, it’s a fun thing to try out.

    Math geeks will particularly like the statistics and probability aspect of fantasy sports. Heck, we may even delve into basketball, baseball, hockey, and other fantasy sports. Curious? Leave some comments with your thoughts.

    Personally, I can only maybe handle four or five teams at once but I’ll consider any invites to other leagues so long as it’s PPR (Points Per Reception) and/or IDP (Individual Defensive Players, as opposed to the standard defensive special teams / DSTs). I personally love to see closer games than the usual one-sided blowouts in default/standard formats.

    Let’s get ready for some FOOOOOOSSSSSBAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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