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    F8tl Blades

    So i have been kicking around a wrestling podcast for a long time I have been a fan ever since i was a little kid. not just the story lines but also the Business as a whole. I not only keep up with the main stream(WWE,ROH,and TNA) but i also follow a lot of the indie stuff.I am looking for a Co-Host to help me start a innovative, smart and funny wrestling themed pod cast. I am also hoping to possibly get enough of a following so that we can have some time for interviews with wrestlers and people in the know of the business.

    Now that you know my vision i want to know about you and what would make you an awesome co-host. I also would ask that you have some knowledge of the games as well because the podcast will be on twitch we are going to have to have some video game content as well. (Unless we do a directly from you tube podcast)

    Either way i am looking for a co-host and that might be you if you stream or you tube leave a link so i can see your stuff if you don’t and this is your first endeavor into a pod cast or videos feel free to leave a description as to why you think you would be a good fit in the podcast.

    *HINT The more like a wrestling promo your explanation is the more i am likely to give it a real shot.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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