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    If you’ve been keeping up with our YouTube, mailing list, Twitch, Facebook, and pretty much NOT living under a rock, you probably heard about ReElise.

    What is ReElise?

    It may be the most ambitious, unique video game project we’ve ever supported as a community. ReElise, pronounced “release”, combines 2D hand-drawn graphics, old-school/retro flava, JRPG, Christian themes, hip-hop music, and tons of feels. It’s super dope. Peep it below!


    Here’s the game in action. Our very own gameplay footage. A sneak peek and YOUTUBE FIRST EXCLUSIVE – w0000000!

    Now let’s get this funded! It’s really easy…

    Share on social media.

    Tag five friends.

    Start a conversation about it with a close friend.

    Feature the game on your blog, podcast, or video.

    Make a song about it.

    Create some fan art.

    Discuss the potential in your favorite social network groups.

    Pray about it (or just cross your fingers if you’re not into that religion stuff).

    Use some or all of these tags:

    #GeeksUnite #GamersUnite #Elamaan #ReElise #Kickstarter #NoRoomFox #BlackGameDev #IndieGame #JRPG #CHH #RetroGame #OldSchoolGame #Crowdfunding

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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