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    We’ve had a lot of heated debates about strategies and tactics in Heroes Of The Storm. There are good points on all sides of the discussions but I feel merely discussing on voice chat without some record is a waste of time because then we’re not on the same page.

    Instead, let’s all share our guidelines and opinions on what we feel are solid Heroes Of The Storm plays.. And let’s do it here. Please keep it constructive and positive, folks. Don’t just say, “That’s stupid.”

    I’ll start with a few guidelines and observations!

    • When To Boss – I can’t tell you how many times games have been thrown because teams insist on going for the boss camps during high-risk times. The better idea is to contest the boss after the enemy team has taken significant damage.
    • Ignoring Base – Sadly, I would say more than half of my matches result in losses simply because our team ignored our base. A solo Abathur siege can be stopped by one person but, when a whole team rushes in and your core is already critical, you need the numbers to secure your base and counter-push.
    • Over Laning – There’s this strange growing trend whereas players won’t leave their lanes for most of the match. They apparently feel it’s more important to “dominate their lanes” than helping their team. This is VERY bad because the benefits of lane/XP soak mid to late game diminishes quickly. The only time this is valuable is if you can siege efficiently and push to the enemy core but this is worthless if your base is taking equal or more damage.
    • Over-Committing/Chasing – The obsession with getting kills is evident in some players when they over-commit to a kill or push. Even worse, some players will chase an enemy halfway across the map. Even if you get the kill, was it worth it? Was it a good trade? Did you waste too much time? Imagine the objectives, sieging, or pushing that could happen in place of these long chase sequences or needless deaths when you get baited and kited into an ambush.
    • Disengage And Turn (Maybe) – It’s very satisfying when you work with teammates that have a good sense of when to disengage. You got to know when to hold them and when to fold them, folks. It’s even more satisfying when you disengage and the enemies pursue you, only for your team to recuperate/regroup and turn for a big trade. Often, you can get away with one or no casualties, resulting in a HUGE tempo/power play- now that’s DOMINATING the smart way!

    For more, check out our Heroes Of The Storm stress-free/newb competitive guide, for those looking to win more without going crazy:

    Ultimately, I find that trusting in your team is the biggest thing because then you can work better together and be more aware of each other’s position and intentions. The more your teammates subscribe to team plays, the more you can get done together. It’s very exciting to have teamwork and team spirit at the forefront. That’s the spirit of HotS!


    F8tl Blades

    That is stupid….. to disagree with very well put and it makes some good points.

    i also believe knowing the proper times to team fight or soak is also important. for example if it is early game (before lvl 10) soaking the lanes gives more of a reward then team fighting however if an objective appears it seems as though everyone wants to go team fight at the objective. sometimes this can be a good practice however there is a proper technique to do this. the two lanes that the objective is between should group and find a good time or angle to engage from however i usually see all the heroes go for it. This is a mistake you may win the objective however if the under manned team can stall without taking major loses the team with one man in lane will still be ahead in level and are more likely to get their ultimate at level 10 fist then they can force a team fight or take down a fort with no contest because the other team has to play catch up.

    Now after teams have reached level 10 the game changes because now a lot of team fights and objectives take priority because they can give a very solid advantage and even help to steam roll late game. However there are still times to decide if the trade to give up an objective may be worth it. Example My team is down a member for 20 seconds and a tribute is spawning in 5 seconds the enemy team only has 1 tribute and both bosses are up. What is the play? Answer Most teams would go for the tribute because it is the map objective however in this case the smart play is to give up the tribute for the boss farthest from the tribute because your team is not at full strength. The enemy team is more then likely going for the tribute and won’t stop you getting boss then to respond they will go for the other boss by that time your dead member will be back up and you can attempt to stop the other team who is weakened from fighting the boss and in a perfect storm you get two bosses pushing 2 lanes and a full team to push the third lane forcing the team to split or forfeit at least 1 fort. also allowing you to farm some free exp and pull ahead.

    Try it some time and let me know how it works for you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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