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    In case you’ve missed Timey-Wimey Tea Time, The B-Team Podcast, and HorsePLAY! LIVE, where we’ve talked a lot of Heroes Of The Storm, here are the official dates for HotS:

    • May 19th 2015, Heroes Of The Storm Open Beta
    • June 2nd 2015, Heroes Of The Storm Full Release

    Both days fall on a Tuesday, which is in-line with the free hero rotation and new content releases. Note that there will be no further wipes on your accounts: all purchases, player levels, hero levels, etc will be maintained. The only thing that may be reset is the Hero League and Team League ranks but it’s still worth grinding now to see how far you can get before the player pool opens up and newbies skew things a bit. ;o)

    We still have beta keys for those that can’t wait (you really shouldn’t). PM us right here. Me, F8tl_Blades, and ObioneX2 got the hook-up. I think BFT9000 does, too! Don’t forget to check out our latest blog posts on HotS!



    Leave comments, plox! <3

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