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    We’re finally starting up our ranked teams for Heroes Of The Storm. We’ll be competing casually but that doesn’t mean we won’t have sessions where we do shot-calling, discuss strategies, and work on our team plays. The #1 thing here is to have fun, folks!

    Hero League opens up at level 30 and it’s a great place to get familiar with the draft system on HotS. It’s a whole different dynamic when you have to work with a team to pick a composition everyone is comfortable with. I highly recommend playing HL as soon as you can so you can break out of your comfort zone and find some hero picks that consistently work out best for you.

    In the Team League format, it’s still draft but we’ll be able to have a better idea of who shines at what position. Pick order is still something to consider as well, mainly because first pick will usually determine how the enemy team picks and they can very well counter you. It’ll help you get familiar with the meta at any given point so we can lock down popular picks and maybe throw off our opponents, too!

    Most importantly, we encourage you pick the heroes you enjoy playing the most. We’re going to experiment with different strategies like heavy siege, duo support, or ultra DPS team comps.

    More details comping to the HorsePLAY! LIVE podcast.


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