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    We’ve had lots of folks ask how they can become part of #TheGANG and get involved with our stream team. The simple answer is that you’re already part of #TheGANG if you’re involved with our community in any way at all. Of course, to be part of a team and truly contribute to the network, you need to participate in deeper ways.

    How does that look?

    How does it work?

    How can you grow your channel and our network at the same time?

    I think the underlying theme behind these questions is the fear of losing audience to others or spending “too much time” not streaming or building your own brand. The reality is that content marketers, whether they are authors, podcasters, streamers, or everything in between (perhaps even a combination of the aforementioned like a few of us) spend too little time marketing and collaborating.

    Time and time again, I see clients, colleagues, and friends falling into the trap of focusing 90% or more of their time creating content and promoting their own brand. There’s nothing wrong with this approach if you’re ready to invest thousands upon thousands of hours to grow. You become exponentially more successful and grow more consistently if you work with others.

    Consider this: if everyone told ten friends directly about a stream or podcast and they had those ten people do the same, that’s already 100+ people that have gotten a personal invitation to check out something unique and relevant to their interests. If everyone on our network and stream team did this for our independent contributors, imagine the results. Everyone would be exposed to geeks and gamers they would not have reached otherwise. It’s magical and scientific at the same time!

    Here are some best practices for growing your audience and the GeekyAntics audience, including everyone that is authentically plugged into our network and promoting it, at the same time:

    1) When you end your streams or podcasts, host or raid a stream team member.

    2) Choose one call to action to highlight with each piece of content to drive consistent results. Keep it simple and make it something that is not about you, because those requests will always be there.

    3) Highlight a favorite episode, event, or campaign that’s going on elsewhere on the network. Maybe someone is celebrating a podcast milestone or doing a charity stream. Maybe there is a serious crowdfunding campaign under way. There’s tons of things to promote and support wholeheartedly.

    4) Reblog and syndicate content. Google will not ding you for duplicate content if you provide proper attribution/credits. Many of you have blogs, web sites, and social channels/streams but the content is skimpy. Even worse, most of it is self-promoting stuff that isn’t unique, remarkable, or useful/entertaining in any way. Round out your content by curating more so you can offer your audience a wide array of value.

    5) Let us know what content you’d like us to highlight and syndicate. Maybe you have an op/ed, article, video series, or clip you’d like us to talk about. Give us some talking points, keywords, images, links, etc. We’ll run with it from there – we’d LOVE to share stuff in this manner but you have to do a little legwork, too!

    6) Show up for and participate in GeekyAntics community game nights, flagship podcasts, forums discussions, comment areas, and other goodies. It excites our viewers, listeners, and friends when they see our stream team members supporting everything we do and not just showing up for their own streams.

    7) Give us a heads-up about your major events and plans coming up. Our team is massive so we can’t keep up with everyone individually. Come to us so we can support you fully!

    Ask about our Google Calendar collaboration.

    If you do this, you will be a leader and encourage others to follow your example and reciprocate. A little selflessness goes a long way. Sure, ask for donations, subscribers, and all that stuff but don’t forget about your fellows! All the little things go a long way.

    Remember: these efforts may not always generate immediate results but, in the long run, you’ll get much better results than if you just tried to do things alone. Even better, people will appreciate you more because you’re not just focused on yourself.. Everyone wins!


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