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    Our first official Geeky Antics network giveaway is up on our blog. We’re giving away a copy of Game Dev Tycoon. The winner will be announced here on the GANG hub and during HorsePLAY! LIVE. You must have a Steam account in order to claim your prize.

    Hurry – giveaway ends July 3rd 11pm EDT! Don’t forget to tweet it out daily through the Rafflecopter widget to earn more entries. Copy-and-paste the tweet URL to validate the entry.

    Good luck and keep on rockin’, guys!



    Congrats to our latest giveaway winners, MaidenShyWhiteWolf and FearTheJeff for winning our giveaway during HorsePLAY! LIVE. Maiden actually won and gave her game to Jeff, which is awesome. It’s inspiring to see such generosity!

    More giveaways coming soon. In the meantime, check out our new page dedicated to giveaways. It shows all the active giveaways:

    Bring some friends. The more people participate, the more we will do them. Obviously, we do these giveaways because we want to generate more buzz and keep the traffic coming. In an ideal world, we’d do them all the time but we’re not there.. Yet.

    That said, we do have a nice stockpile of games to give away on Steam so we will be sure to set up some fun events and new ways for you to WIN with Geeky Antics Network Global!

    GAME ON!!



    The clock is ticking on the Steam Summer Sale & Bonus Adventure. Now’s a good time to stock up on games for yourself or for our ongoing Steam gift exchange. If anyone wants to trade cards, hit me up on Steam: Yogizilla.

    I have TONS of dupes for three or four of the Steam Summer Adventure cards but I am missing 7 still. Time to get on the grind, y0!

    I will try to snag a few copies of Payday 2 since it seems like one of the popular games y’all are asking for. Those games on the featured items are the ones you want to play to get the card drops, BTW. 8)


    Stan Faryna

    Heh, greetings.




    So Magic 2014 is on the table.. We’re gonna follow suit with our old “Rewards UNLOCKED!” model.. The more we drive participation on giveaways, the more giveaways we’ll have.. We’ll also throw in additional prizes and/or winners to the pot. Spread the word, gang! <3



    Congrats to our last winner, who got Magic 2014 and another prize.. If you want to know who that was, you’ll have to tune into HorsePLAY! LIVE. Muhaha!

    Our latest giveaway is for Payday 2 on Steam. To enter, visit our YouTube channel and leave a comment on the appropriate video:



    Here’s the direct link, folks!

    #Payday2 #Steam #giveaway

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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