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    I’ve always pondered the use of a pseudonym, not just in writing but in online interactions. People IRL call me Yogi but it’s nice for people to know that my birth name is Yomar and you can feel free to address me on a first-name basis. There’s some sort of magic that takes place when you know something as simple as a person’s full name.

    So, do you use a nickname online? Do you have an alter ego? Do you insulate your offline life and personality?

    I invite everyone to at least share their first names here with us. I want us to grow tighter as a community. To me, it’s more exciting to have the feeling of a local bar or hobby shop “where everyone knows your name”, rather than a massive community where everyone has their blinders on.

    Please share. =o)


    Maxwell Noir

    Whether or not you -should- depends on the situation. For example, I use Maxwell Noir as my pen name because I feel like it’d be hard to build a writing career off of my own name. Anytime someone goes to look up “Tony Moore” all they’re going to find is the walking dead. Besides that, it’s pretty much just a matter of personal preference.



    That is very much true. A name becomes a brand so you need something unique if you want to stand out and minimize confusion. That said, I always get concerned when clients and colleagues use pseudonyms as a way to be less transparent or approachable. If you’re looking to make online marketing work for you, you need to be as open as possible and value connections. It takes courage to be so vulnerable but people appreciate it in the end. =o)



    My first name is Jenn (Jennifer) but I do try to keep my online personality somewhat separate from personal life. Not so much for my protection but for my children’s. As a mother that has opened herself up to the public, I still try to take some precautions for the sake of my children.

    I think how open you are can also depends on the area you live in. If you live in a huge city it would be harder for people to track down where you are. But, if you live in a small community like I do, it would so much easier to be tracked down.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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