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    Hellooooooo Whovians!

    Let’s coordinate some good days and times to do community events, namely group viewings of Doctor Who and LIVE shows of Timey-Wimey Tea Time. First and foremost, be sure to get on our mailing list:

    Let us know a bit about you and your schedule, fellow geeks:

    • What country and time zone are you in?
    • What are your preferred languages?
    • What day of the week would you like to see live shows?
    • Do you prefer Google Hangout or Twitch?
    • Would you like to see episode recap shows?
    • Would you like to join us for the live shows as a guest?

    Share your thoughts here so we can figure this out. We’ve seen lots of interest in the 50th Anniversary Episode (Day Of The Doctor) group viewing so let’s get some conversation going.

    Stan and I can make some feeble attempts to translate Spanish, Romanian, and other languages if need be. =oP

    Don’t forget you can also call in by leaving us VM at (206) 415-4987 or e-mailing – we’d LOVE to hear from as many Whovians as possible worldwide (and not just on YouTube, Stitcher, and iTunes)!


    Stan Faryna

    Some of the fans making comments on Youtube are suggesting that Saturday morning or afternoon works best for them. Just something to consider.



    Yes, it looks like Saturday is certainly the day.. WHO DAY! Some are saying evening but, for us, that may be the afternoon so maybe somewhere between noon and 4pm EST/EDT (GMT-5). Folks, don’t be shy.. Let us know what you think so we can post an official schedule here:

    Wednesday also seems to work for a lot of folks. Sunday, Monday, and Thursday are our busiest days on the network so something to consider there.


    Dakota Ellis

    This is so awesome! I finally have a reason to dig all of my old who swag out and put it at the front of my watch queue.




    The show has definitely rekindled my love for Doctor Who.. Not that it ever burnt out but now it’s ABLAZE! The #Whovian community is AWESOME! Be sure to check us out on YouTube and leave comments. Tell a friend.. Let’s keep the momentum going!

    Also, don’t do anything fishy when sharing.. Google slapped us with a bogus TOS violation. Supposedly someone was gaming our views but the analytics do not back this up.

    Idiotic automation. =oX

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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