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    Are you still playing? I’m starting to get back into it heavily but it’s tough with SolForge and Scrolls being so awesome too.. Infinity Wars is tempting too. AAAAAHHH!

    Let’s not even talk about all the Magic games I got… We should just go back to Yu-Gi-Oh! Online. I wonder if our credits are still good. =oX



    BTW, Heroes Of The Storm is going public in May with the open beta then the full release date comes June 2nd. Jump on it!


    Also, here are some of my thoughts about the pre-release build. 8)


    F8tl Blades

    Anyone wanting to play some heros of the storm hit me up my battle tag is F8tlBlades #1828



    We’re still heavy on Hearthstone and about to hit Heroes Of The Storm hard again. Who’s in? =oD

    I’m thinking we need to relive the Warcraft III mod days and check out the StarCraft 2 mod community. I bet the new custom maps and ports are fantastic.. Orc Burrow Boobies, Mafarrazo, Ryoko, Uther Party, Naruto Wars, Line Wars, Gem Towers, Evolution TD… OMG – so many choices!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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