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    Hello friends!

    The past couple of months have been intensely busy for our team. Most of our folks have shifted priorities or had major life events to contend with. As such, it’s been me in charge of feeds, editorial calendars, vendor/media/sponsor relations, client services, and the like. I figured I should post this somewhere more visible that’s not the main site or blog because, if you’re serious about working with us, you’ll dig a little deeper.

    ATTN: If you’ve reached out with interest about working with the GeekyAntics Network or being part of our community, The GANG, and no one hasn’t gotten back to you, I apologize. Here’s what is going on:

    Sponsors, Premium Services & Clients

    Our focus will be on creating stable revenue streams to sustain our core activities. We can’t do this through donations and ad placement alone, though that is a significant revenue stream. As such, we will be reducing the amount of value-added services and “freebies” we offer to our independent contributors. It’s simply not fair to our paying customers and sponsors.

    We will continue to provide automated services and quick one-off assistance, of course, because we are a team; however, managed services and more involved projects will be considered individually. Anyone who currently contributes to our network will be eligible for discounted pricing. This applies to podcast hosting as well!

    If you’re interested in growing your audience, purchasing ad space, improving site copy, doing SEO, or anything of the sort, contact me. You can reach me via or use our contact form. Our prices are very competitive and small-biz-friendly!

    GeekyAntics Stream Team

    Due to the overwhelming response, we’re placing stream team apps on hold. We are also slowing down streaming efforts in favor of things that produce more long-term and immediate value. In terms of stream team members, we are only interested in working with folks that are…

    • Willing to go beyond their primary platform.
    • Promoting others, not just themselves.
    • Interested in streaming to team channel.
    • Open to being coached and learning/trying new things.
    • Aware that no one succeeds by themselves.
    • Respectful of the time and dedication of others.

    Due to the nature of our network’s content (NSFW/NSFK), we can only actively work with individuals 18 years of age or older. Everyone is welcome to join our community and participate, of course!

    Our ideal stream team member will be a regular podcaster and writer on our main site and other channels. In our experiences, podcasts and articles are still the best way to grow an audience. They are efficient ways to grow your brand, engage audiences, and bullet-proof ideas.

    Video is super powerful but there are a number of issues with focusing on video alone. The amount of time, bandwidth, consistency, and production required for video makes it a less sustainable and efficient method for content marketing and overall growth. That said, we take a multi-faceted approach to marketing and want team members who get our vision.

    Anywho, that’s probably a lot to soak in at once.. Suffice to say that I’ve been spread thin and unplugging a bit. Sometimes, you have to slow down to speed back up. There have just been too many people that have wasted our time and I want it to be clear that we only have time for people that put the time and/or money forward. It’s only fair.

    I’m still here for everyone but I want to make sure our resources are available for those that need them and value them most. In short, plug in and take a few extra steps – we’ll reciprocate! None of this autopilot stuff, folks; if everyone pitches in more consistently, we’ll all be better for it!

    What’s gonna work? TEAMwork!



    The response continues to grow and we’re SUPER excited!

    Many of you have expressed interest in joining our stream team and/or being part of #TheGANG; however, only a few have truly plugged in. We’re looking for individuals who are highly-engaged across social media. That means you’re in the chat rooms, subscribed to our mailing lists, sharing content with us, on our Discord server, tweeting us, and participating in the community.

    Most teams and networks are about head counts. We don’t believe in the set-it-and-forget-it approach to things. If you’re an autopilot type like most content creators, seek another team.

    For everyone else, thanks for sticking around!

    We are almost done with the new application process and team handbook. We’re SUPER excited to share this with our core team, the people getting stuff done, the people who truly “get it”.

    Let’s do beautiful things, friends!



    We’re now receiving over 100 inquiries regarding our Twitch stream team. I want to be complete transparent and make sure everyone knows we are NOT partnered with Twitch (yet), which is ironic considering our audience and SERP rankings on Google and Bing.. But it’s just not something we have actively pursued.

    That said, we’ll be working harder to get this done but, for now, our stream team exists primarily outside of the Twitch ecosystem, which is more effective anyway. Do these things describe you?

      Looking for a highly-engaged audience
      Value quality over quantity
      Want to be part of a team that collaborates and communicates
      Wanting to go beyond “name drops” and “one and done” transactions
      Willing to go beyond Twitch or your primary platform of choice

    If you’re still interested, please respond with a post in this thread so we can better track everyone. With Extra Life coming up, we want highly-engaged people who will commit to something bigger than any single one of us or our individual brands.

    It’s all about teamwork, baby!



    I’ve decided that we’ll skip the formal application this month (for now) for those who join us on Extra Life this year. There’s still time to join the team and rally people to donate. We need all the help we can get to raise as much money as possible to help kids in need!

    Again, we’re looking for people who will actually get involved and not just be a head count. Be a part of our community: sign up for our VIP newsletter, join us on our Facebook page and groups, and hang out on Discord.. For starters.

    Let’s see who is really about it and who is full of hot air! ;o)

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