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    What is affiliate marketing, you say?

    Ever notice those banners on Twitch channels or the referral links people use on blogs? That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell. We are exploring options to do affiliate marketing on our site and respective Twitch channels. Everyone is welcome to explore their options individually as all contributors on the Geeky Antics network are independent associates.

    The proceeds from all ad revenues, affiliate commissions, endorsements, sponsorships, and donations will go to the overall operation of the site and funding my efforts as the network founder. From there, I’d love to implement incentives for our contributors and fund more community events such as giveaways, tournaments, and meet-ups.

    We’re looking for products in tech and gaming primarily. Tools for artists, musicians, game designers, and writers would be awesome too. Anime and Doctor Who stuff, even better! If you’re interested, you can use contact me via our contact form below or tweet me @yogizilla.

    Our pilot affiliate marketing program is open to web sites, streamers, startups, indie game developers, or anyone looking to spread their brand, grow their audience, or simply sell more products. For the latter, we will evaluate products for quality and relevancy purposes. We will promote via ad banners, live/podcast endorsements, affiliate links, product reviews, or whatever else appropriate.

    We look forward to working with you!

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