#FlashFiction: I Have by @NatalieCone [Must Read, RT and FAV]

I Have by Natalie Cone


by Natalie Cone

Natalie Cone


The grass was soft beneath her knees. Shafts of sunlight blinked kaleidoscope patterns onto her skirt and glinted off the knife nestled in her lap. Today, her last thread snapped.

Looking away, she prayed desperately for God’s forgiveness as she pressed the blade to her wrists.
Her eyes fell on a carving in the trunk of a tree. It was a single word.
In that moment, something inside her shifted.
She pulled herself to her feet. Using the blade that was intended to end her life, she carved two more words above the one already there.
I have.


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About Natalie Cone

Wife. Mother. Writer. Avid Coffee Drinker. Christian. Fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal.

Natalie’s flash fiction work, I Have, won best 99 word fiction at 99fiction.


Twitter: @NatalieCone

Website: nataliecone.com

99fiction: NatalieCone

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  1. I’m inspired in many ways! 99 words or less.. This piece is powerful yet concise. That’s something I need to master.


    We all need to re-evaluate that and remind ourselves of that. Life is but a few grains of sand in the hourglass.. Or something to that effect.

    Thank you, Natalie!!

  2. Thank you!! I have become quite addicted to these 99-words-or-less stories that pack a punch.

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