Flash Fiction: What is Love? by @Faryna

The Unspoken Problems of True Love by @Faryna


by Stan Faryna

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Mother Washington laughed as she watched John and Cristina run – they ran with joy. Cristina threw her arms high into the air as she bounced on John’s shoulders. She squealed in delight. Cristina had never felt more free, more lucky and more happy in her life.

Mother Washington

Mother Washington

“You hang on to that young man, Cristina,” Mother Washington said to herself.

“You hold on to that young woman, John.”

Mother Washington sighed and a tear came to her eye.

“You hold on to each other real tight. Because ain’t no one ever been more meant for anyone than you were meant for each other.

You gotta know that the Devil, he ain’t going to stand for any nonsense like that. He gonna tear you apart – first chance he gets. And if’n he can’t tear you apart, he’s gonna tear you each up. With his bare hands.”


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  1. Very interesting read Stan.

    I’m curious, how does Flash Fiction work exactly? Is it like short passages that will link together or do the passages stand alone?

    • Hi Jay,

      Flash fiction stands alone. But it could lead to a short story or something else. In this case, I was working out some ideas for my sci-fi novel.

  2. Wow! Very interesting. I’m curious to know more about the Mother Washington artwork. Is this an original drawing of yours, Stan? She has almost a haunting smile.

  3. Great work Stan, immediately gripped as FF should do. I am honoured to learn about Nisha also. Nisha is indeed an inspiration as she must fight a battle every day for things some take for granted.


  1. […] If you didn’t know, I’ve been writing a novel and working on art work of the characters. I’ve also been helping Yomar Lopez lay the foundations for his empire at Geeky Antics. […]

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