Flash Fiction: Say Something by @Faryna

Say Something by @Faryna


by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna & The Blue Sky - Stan The Marketing Man!

“Say something,” she whispered to John as she walked through the alley and checked dumpsters for salvage.

I’m giving up on you, she thought.

She hadn’t heard him speak to her for days – speak to her heart. He could do things like that. Unbelievable fucking things – things you couldn’t imagine.

Say something…

Right now, Cristina had never felt more alone, empty, afraid, broken, crazy, lost, angry…

She couldn’t feel his presence – he made the world, solid, good and safe. No matter what happened – there was hope as long as John was in the world. John was supernatural.

Cristina didn’t want to believe he could be gone. Not after everything that had happened. Not after she had lost him and found him again.

Her blue eyes sparkled as she remembered the night they had met. How he was unstoppable in his pursuit of her. John had told her that he was her hero and he meant it.

Her pupils dilated as she inhaled deeply and remembered the smell of his naked skin – notes of lavender, lilies, bulgarian roses and sea salt.

John was unstoppable. Unbreakable. Forever. He was her man of steel. Her angel. John was true love.

“YOU SAID YOUR LOVE IS FOREVER,” Cristina shouted up to the gray sky.


George started to ball. Uncontrollably.

He wanted to tell her that the last words out of John’s mouth was a prayer for her – a Hail Mary cut short because they cut out his tongue with garden shears. But she couldn’t hear George; she couldn’t see him because George was dead.

George had been put here by this red dumpster by powers he didn’t understand. Eventually, he had figured out the why. Or he thought he had figured it out.

He could have knocked over a bottle to draw Cristina to the dumpster, but that was the last thing he wanted to do.

Red dumpster

Cristina walked toward the red dumpster.

“You don’t want this,” George shouted at her.

“Say something,” she pleaded to the empty, lifeless buildings that rose above the alley.

Looking around, George saw a flower pot on the ledge of a third story window. If he could knock it over, she might turn back, bring the others here and, maybe, he could get Armstrong’s attention.

He closed his eyes and braced for the weirdness as he threw himself through the wall (he felt like jello being thrown at a wall), raced through the building and up the stairwell.

“Fuck me,” he muttered as he looked out the window and saw Cristina in the dumpster – synchronizing with real time was still an epic challenge for George.

Cristina had looked over the edge of the dumpster and saw it amidst the beer cans.

She saw John’s face. His eyes were closed but his wounds were still bloody, wet and raw.

Cristina climbed into the dumpster. She could barely see John’s face now – her tears ran so hard. She thought she saw his lips move.

“My husband, my hero, my everything – please say something,” she whispered.

There was no answer.

“Say something, my love,” Cristina insisted.

She had hope; John would make it through this; she would stand by him until her last breath – regardless of his condition.

Frantically, she tried to dig his body out from the swamp of beer cans with her bare hands.

The mass of cans shifted as she dug and John’s severed head rolled on it’s side.


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About Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna is writing an epic novel. All of the world is crumbling like unrepaired, ancient walls but 18 year old gamer, PVP champion, zombie killer, blogger and serial entrepreneur John Dionysius finds the woman who he’s been dreaming about all of his life – a dream in which she is murdered as he watches helplessly from the eyes of a child.

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  1. Where did this take you?

    • I felt the loss. I felt the despair. Heck, my life has been there plenty recently. This piece hits home for me.

    • This piece of this story took me to a place inside of me that I haven’t visited since I wrote a story of lost love. It is overwhelmingly sad and beautiful. In your few short words I could feel the love they had experienced and also grieved for their lost love. Please finish this story for us all to read.

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  32. Wow! Very cool piece of flash fiction here. Reading it made me cry! I love that it’s inspired by Say Something. Great work!

  33. I really felt for the character of Cristina in the beginning of this. You write very well, you definitely know how to make the characters come alive. I read this story very intently, and enjoyed every minute of it. Can’t wait to read some more stuff!

  34. Life is like that. We’re all broken. I’d like to see some background story on John. How did he loose his head?
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    You are a great storyteller. I’m looking forward to reading more stories by Stan Faryna.

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  42. Can you tell us more about this story? I want to know what Cristina does after this heart destroying discovery.

  43. Sad story.

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  47. Finding her husband’s head in a dumpster has got to be one of the worst things that could ever happen. As if his head, his life and his purpose was something you throw in the trash. Surely, those who did this had no humanity.

    It reminds me of the beheadings of Christians now going on in Syria, Iraq, Egypt and elsewhere. Evil is real.

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  50. Woah… this was a very interesting and creative story inspired by the “Say Something” song. It was pretty sad to read but very good… thanks for sharing this great read!

  51. Bravo! You made a landscape of darkness that is mind blowing.

  52. I enjoyed your show Timey-Wimey Tea Time and your flash fiction is excellent.

  53. I got shivers while reading your flash fiction. It felt like you had taken a picture of the future. It’s full of horror, loss and sadness.

    Cristina is searching dumpsters for food. George is a ghost. Her missing husband’s head is laying in a swamp of beer cans.

  54. Neat and unique animation! I like how the snow is falling down. Not only is it pretty, it reminds me of stars falling down slowly.
    Wow! What an imagination you have! What you did was totally creative! You pretty much created your own video to this song by writing a storyline to accompany it. Your story definitely fits the song.
    Also, this song does sound kind of sad. Although this is a good scary story, I am left in suspense because there is mystery as to who the murderers are and why the murderers committed this crime in the first place. Also, I wonder why the character Christina was led into the alley.
    Was it George and John’s spirits that led her to John’s location? I was just curuous. This would make a great episode for the channel ION. Next, I think what you are doing for Nisha Varghese is very admirable.
    And, I hope that the financial and health goals are met regarding your friend as well. Warm wishes.

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  98. I will not cry! I WILL NOT CRY!

  99. You really make it seem so easy to write flash fiction. I find Cristina’s discovery grim and dark and I think I would never understand what it could be like to be in her situation. It seems too complicated and very huge for me. How can one find the head of one’s lover in the trash and not be destroyed forever?

    But I am looking forward to your subsequent flash fictions.
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  103. Dammit Stan.. stop making me sad… STAHP IT.

    This calls for more light-hearted creative pieces from yours truly. LOL

    Seriously though, I can relate to this so much.. We all experience that loneliness when we lose someone. I feel it now. All the people I love have died.. Or at least the people they were have died. That can be just as painful.

    Imagine living with total strangers.. It hurts. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of selfishness and damn fate, perhaps God, for the piercing pain in your heart.

    The moment right before John’s head rolls.. We have those revelations so often. Up until that shocking turning point, we are in denial. When all hope is lost, there’s no escaping the pain. Rarely are we ready for such moments.

    Sigh… I need to binge out on some Doctor Who or, better yet, some cartoons now. You got me thinking about things I need not wallow in. Thank you.. And darn you at the same time.

    Love you bro!

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