Everything you need to know about #DoctorWho for Season 8

Everything you need to know about #DoctorWho for Season 8

The 12th Doctor stars in the Doctor Who Season 8 kick off on Saturday (23 August) at 7:50 ET on BBC America.

Who cares, right?

Just in time for the long-awaited episode, titled Deep Breath, Yomar Lopez and Stan Faryna chat about Doctor Who on Episode Zero of Timey-Wimely Tea Time.What is Doctor Who?Doctor, who?Yogizilla and Faryna make a fun, sincere and thoughtful romp through the history, hype and awesome of the 50 year old sci-fi tv series. Check it out. If you want Lopez and Faryna to do more Timey-Wimey Tea Time, be generous with the likes and comments on YouTube.
Part 1
Part 2 

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  1. w00t!

    I still say Peter Capaldi is officially the 13th Doctor and the whole bit about there being a limit on regenerations has been put to rest.. For now. So, War Doctor = 9th, Eccleston = 10th, Tennant = 11th, and Smith = 12th… And now a new era of Doctor Who begins.

    Will this be the more serious, deep Doctor Who we’ve been waiting for? Just like the good ‘ol days? #TomBaker #FTW

  2. Annie Marie Peters says:

    LOVE these videos! I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who and Peter Capaldi. Season 8 is going to be awesome.

  3. I have never watched Doctor Who but I always see commercials and ads online about the show. I am thinking I should probably check it out now lol… thanks for sharing!

    • Andrea, it’s never too late to become a Whovian. We were flattered to find out people that checked out our fledgling podcast actually gave the show a shot and fell in love due to our passion for the series. That’s awesome!

      Now, 50+ years of content is overwhelming but rest assured that you can start with the 2005 series revival and enjoy it just as well as the rest of us. If you want to skip ahead a bit, you can even go straight to David Tennant though Stan and I are both quite fond of Series 1 and Eccleston’s performance. 8)

  4. I pretty much figured out that I never heard about the show called Dr. Who. I was wrong. When I pushed that button to see the screen come to life, in the form of YouTube, I saw that I recognized the original theme by hearing the music score!
    This is one unforgettable song! Yep, I remember the song very well. It has been years since I have watched the show, though.
    Tell me something. How long has this show been running? Or, is it just now airing, again? All I can say is: cool! You know, I thought that this Timey-Wimey Tea Time was going to be an animated thing, until I scrolled down and saw that this indeed was a podcast!

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