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Thanks to your help we’ve been able to provide Bloo (the most awesome kitty EVER) some minor care and she seems to be coming around.  We’ve also been able to keep the network running and producing unique, high-quality content.  I am humbled by all your support.  We couldn’t do this without you!  ~Yomar a.k.a. Yogizilla, Network Founder


Bloo and the GANG thank you!

Remember: you can donate any time and it is always appreciated. I bootstrap this network and have a family to provide for. Sometimes it is very tough, especially when you are not at 100% health. Every day is a new adventure!

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I make it a point to be transparent and authentic in all I do.  I’m not driven by greed or dreams of grandeur.  I’m just trying to get by and do my life’s work.   The GeekyAntics network is built to help others do the same.  We go beyond expanding reach by establishing support groups,  project teams, internal referrals, and promoting each other.

With the growing concerns surrounding donations and crowdfunding, I’ll be happy to address any concerns about how donations are spent and what the financial situation is for those that will listen.  I appreciate the love, support, and encouragement!

Here’s our Twitch stream team directory – new design coming soon!

Want to help us make the dream a reality?  Donate here.  Scroll to the bottom for pertinent links and offers.  Thank you for your continued support, fellow geeks and gamers!

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DISCLAIMER:  Affiliate marketers and ad publishers are not allowed to directly ask for clicks as that assumes exploiting or soliciting.  That said, ads and using affiliate marketing links do help support our network.  Let us know what sort of deals or ads are most relevant, useful, and worthwhile for you so we can tailor these programs accordingly.

All proceeds go to cover operational costs for the network and keep us Yogi focusing on expanding the network, giving back to the geek community, and supporting our contributors.  Once we are more established, charity events, community gatherings, giveaways, and other initiatives will certainly be more frequent.  We’ll also be able to produce higher-quality content, particularly videos and podcasts.

You can also support Yogi and our network by clicking on banners and ads.  For the sake of maintaining an awesome UX (User eXperience), we will keep banners to a minimum..  But they are a necessary evil.

STAY TUNED for crowdfunding campaigns via Patreon, Kickstarter, or whatever platform is most appropriate! For now, scroll down for ways to support Yogi and the Geeky Antics network.

Please note with the ImRaising widget, you will be given opportunity to provide your name or donate anonymously. This will go to Yogi’s PayPal account, just like on his Twitch channel.. BUT you’ll also help move the needle. Thanks to all who have donated/funded through PayPal, Patreon, Kickstarter, or otherwise!

Got old equipment you don’t need or want to get rid of?

We’d be happy to take any donations in the form of A/V equipment and PC/gaming gear.  Our plans are to do more press events soon (we already have press passes to a few conventions).  Additional microphones, digital cameras, portable hard drives, voice recorders, mixing boards, and the like would definitely help out.  Contact @Yogizilla if you have any surplus or unwanted equipment.

Special thanks to Cupcakeeenvy, Cupcakenoms, Theworstradioshow, ZombieVoer, Stan Faryna, Spathizilla, ButtFanatic, Obezianka, and everyone else who has donated recently and continues to support Yogi and the GANG network. You guys rock and you’re making the dream happen!