Puppet Farm PRESENTS “Trumpty Dumpty” – Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton Puppet Show (HILLarious)

The election votes are being tallied in but we know that the conversation and shenanigans are far from over.  Whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump become our next president, the insanity will surely trump (har har) what we saw with George W. Bush in office..  Yikes, that’s a scary thought!

Is it wrong that I’m starting to miss Dubya already?

Now, we usually avoid political discussions (people get TOO butthurt) and, sure, it’d be much more fun to talk about video games, how the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in over 100 years, or why the word “moist” makes people uncomfortable..   But let’s delve just a little bit into this year’s presidential debacle.

The newly-launched Puppet Farm comedy troupe sums it up well in their premiere video, Trumpty Dumpty (or is it Humpty Trumpty?).  Yes, it is a precarious place we live in.  Not even Rosie the Cow could stop Trump’s stupidity train (or get a word in edge-wise).  Bighead really does have a mouth on him, ay?

Hillary Clinton is responsible for deaths and then there was the e-mail fiasco but let’s talk about Donald Trump, who is openly racist and misogynistic .  Sure, he’s not going for Pope but is this really the man we want representing our great country?  Also, we’re already great so STFU, Trump.

Personally, I love the bit about him getting a “small” loan of one million dollars, which ended up being three or eight million.  Yup, chump change…  Oh, and it’s okay that he was blamed for hitting on certain women because they were ugly?  Geebus.  Who needs to write a comedy script or do a parody?  This stuff writes itself!

Donald Trump has spit in our faces with his disgusting behavior, egomaniacism, and smug responses yet many of us still hope he’ll stand up for the fading American middle class and stimulate the economy.  He swears he’ll be the “greatest job president ever”.  Rrrriiiiight…  Sure, having a non-politician at the helm will shake things up and bring change, but not the kind we want, I’m afraid.  BTW, you don’t need to blindly support politicians to love our country.  SMH..  There’s so much ignorance out there!

Psssttt..  Canada, do you have room for a few million Americans, plox?

But I digress…  I’m sure, like me, many of you want to put all the pettiness and ugliness of the election social media backlash behind you.  Watch Puppet Farm’s puppet show and unwind a bit.  If you can’t laugh at it all, you’ll surely go mad.

Who Wore It Better: Donald Trump or Mr. Corn

Who Wore It Better: Donald Trump or Mr. Corn? | Comment below and/or at! http://puppet.farm

Word on the street is that Puppet Farm has more political parodies, memes, and other puppet shows planned.  They’ll also be doing pop-up shows, themed shows/segments, and community requests.  It’s gonna be GREAT (and HILLarious)!

Let’s make puppets great again; heck, let’s make YouTube great again!

Back to politics, what do you *REALLY* think?  Who is the worst presidential candidate in 2016?  What is the dumbest thing they’ve said and done to date?  Comment below!

(No flaming, please..  Let’s keep this a safe nook in the interwebz, friends.)

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