#DoctorWho Podcast: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Ep. 2 with @MattoMcfly @yogizilla @faryna

Best Ever DoctorWho Podcast: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Ep. 2 (A SURPRISE Show) with @yogizilla @mattomcfly @faryna

The 12th Doctor is going to rock it or not. If Capaldi doesn’t get the training wheels removed in the next episode, there will be dissent and dismay. But episode two of Season 8 had more than a few surprises beyond a yet limping Capaldi and not least of them, Moffet whipped out the Aristotle and threw down the existential gauntlet.

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Inconceivable! The Doctor Who community has more enthusiasm than any other we know. 1,100 Retweets of our latest Twitter post for Episode 2 of the Time-Wimey Tea Time podcast. We’re feeling the love – big time.


“Moffet whipped out the Aristotle and threw down the existential gauntlet…”

Are we talking serious philosophy? Or was Moffet just name dropping?

Moffet went deep. It flew way over our heads. At an altitude of 100k feet.

Timey-Wimey Tea Time Recap

This episode, Matthew BradfordYomar Lopez and Stan Faryna talk about lots – favorite YouTube comments for Timey-Wimey Tea Time, favorite Doctor(s), the art of writing, easter eggs, Missy, Rusty, Aristotle and more.     

Matthew Bradford of the ZombieCast podcast makes an interesting point about the apparent problem of Moffet’s easter eggs and overarching story lines. The rewards are cheap and paltry – he suggests. Yomar slays those awkward silences that emanate from Stan’s peaceful center and keeps the unscripted, enlightened conversation bouncing off the walls.

Stan Faryna goes deep and explains the Aristotelian philosophy that underpins the Rusty story in Into the Dalek:

Don’t we have better things to do than think about Aristotle? Maybe not. The transcendentals (Beauty, Goodness and Truth for example) represent that happiness which we all pursue. Ultimately, these are the things of which human happiness consists.
Rusty experiences beauty, then goodness, and, ultimately, truth. And for a moment, a murderous Dalek ceases to be a monster. Even if only for a moment.


As Aristotle explains, each of us seeks beauty, goodness and truth – knowingly or unknowingly. Without exception. With hunger and thirst!
We may be confused about our own motives. We may be mistaken about what happiness is. Or  how we shall obtain it. But an honest self-examination always reveals the inescapable gravitational pull at the center of the human drama – the want for beauty, goodness and truth.
And there is only one sure road to the transcendentals – Love.
Like the Beatles sing it, love is all we need. Not money. Not fame. Not power or the power to make people do what we think they should do.

Last but not least, Yomar Lopez and Stan share some of the love we’re getting on YouTube.

Klaudia Jurewitz writes:

I like strong female characters on Doctor Who. Finally we’ve got equal characters that Doctor can work with. That being said I still don’t get Clara and her attitude when the regenerated Doctor looks older than the previous one.

Pati Ambar writes:

Una de las cosas que me ha decepcionado el doctor Who es que no hace lo que la ciencia ficción tiene que hacer. Lo que estaba destinado a hacer. No se refiere a los desafíos de nuestro tiempo y de nuestros tiempos son preocupantes. La corrección política no es el mayor problema de nuestro tiempo. Los problemas de la comunidad LGBT no son nada comparado con la decapitación y la discriminación de los cristianos en Siria, Irak y Egipto. Ébola es aterrador. Las cosas que suceden son diferentes a todo lo que la humanidad ha visto jamás en la historia

Dirk Mattheus writes:

I started to watch Doctor Who because of you guys. Thanks.

borjetanumero1 writes:

Uno de los problemas de Capaldi es que él es un hombre mayor que carece de las cualidades de un hombre de experiencia, la inteligencia y la compasión. Se debe actuar con decisión, sopesar sus acciones con un fuerte sentido de la responsabilidad y tener la sabiduría para sobre llevar la situación.

Melanie writes:

Love your show!


Yogizilla is having a little trouble getting the sleepy time. So we’re asking you to help him out by singing Sheldon Cooper’s favorite lullabye, Soft Kitty. Call in and sing your best Soft Kitty in the Geeky Antics voice mail.

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Don’t know the lullabye? Go here.

Listen to the podcasts and know beauty like you never knew it before.

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  1. Wait, w0t? I am judging the contest??

    I think we should put the contest up to community vote. Most will want to participate but may not want to sing. It’ll be more fun that way.. And then there’s no hard feelings or suspicion if I pick people I happen to like or whatever.. Or we can come up with a more objective criteria.

    Either way, more Soft Kitty contest details are forthcoming! I’m also going to get a poll up so we can get a more formal decision on the best time slot to do live shows.

    #TWTT will be live on Saturdays, likely in the early afternoon so we can accommodate our global audience and make it easier on people that sleep in (or had too much to drink the night before). We’ll stream on Twitch, as usual. We *WERE* thinking about Google Hangouts ON AIR but, seeing how Google screwed with our channel recently, we’re going to be extra careful about relying *TOO* much on YouTube.


    Be sure to check out Stan’s Fan Page, especially those of you who LOVE his voice (I do too). He’s been promoting #TWTT hard.. So let’s give back to him with some extra love, you brilliant #Whovians YOU!


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